The Real Me.

The blogosphere has been filled with people posting pictures and/or videos of themselves in their truest form.  As in….

no make-up.

no prepared pose.

just the raw, authentic self.

It’s a campaign launched by People of the Second Chance.  I thought I’d end the week showing you Dusty Takle sans make-up – early morning.

I told my dad I was going to post this, and I heard a sound come out of his mouth that I cannot even spell.  I could even hear in my husband’s voice a “Are you sure you want to expose yourself like that?”  And, I really appreciate the, ahem, support, fellas. 

Often times, we try to hide behind an image.  We are afraid for people to see who we really are.  And, I’m not just talking about our physical appearance.  I’m talking about how we live our life.  But, I have come to appreciate transparency in others.  It’s in our transparency….in our realness, that we surrender.  We become accountable.  And, subsequently, we become more like Him.

So, in celebration of authenticity, I took this picture of myself yesterday morning not long after getting out of bed. 

Even though I didn’t brush my teeth, I, at least, smiled.  Then, I probably yelled at my kids to hurry up and finish getting dressed for school.  In the name of Jesus, of course. 

Are you afraid for people to see the real you?  Heart and everything?


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12 responses to “The Real Me.

  1. Gayla

    You are beautiful. Inside and out!

  2. Kevin

    Kris! Dude! You da man!

  3. Jenny Doss

    Gayla took the words right out of my mouth…you are BEAUTIFUL inside & out! I tried to send you pic of myself right after I woke up…hmmm you didn’t get it?

  4. Sarah

    Geez, I wish *I* looked that good right after getting out of bed. 🙂

  5. Even if you showed up on Wed in your “natural beauty” I’d gladly share that sofa. You are darling no matter what.

  6. Amanda Morgan

    Dusty Takle, my sweet friend, you are simply gorgeous. If I did that, I’d shut the whole internet down! You do natural good! Love you so much!

  7. Dianne

    You are so beautiful and the light of Jeaus shines from your eyes and smile. Love you just like you are.

  8. Yeah, I sorta don’t want to show myself without make up. However, I did go to Pei Wei tonight looking all nasty and without the make up and ran into Brian Bruss and his cute little wife and baby who was smilin’ up a storm at me so apparently, he didn’t mind that I wasn’t wearing the make up.


    And you are stunning without make up. I’m so serious.

  9. Dusty Takle

    Y’all are for REAL all so very sweet. I don’t make it a habit to ever the leave house without mascara. Ever. That and lip gloss pretty much sticks as close to me as my bible.

  10. hey dusty…thanks so much for participating in the #realme experiment. really appreciate your thoughts and your willingness to just be you! awesome! peace…mike.

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