Those Pears Can Be A Doozy.

It was a busy, emotional weekend.  Well, not too busy.  But, apparently it was emotional considering I broke down in the produce section at Super Target.  I don’t think it really matters why

It was the produce section, after all.  Kris was with me.  His expression was a silent “wow.”  He didn’t mention the tears over the tomatoes the rest of the shopping adventure. 

Until the check-out line when he pretended to cry over the jar of jalepenos, the bag of carrots, and the honey crisp apples. 

I would say, “the nerve.”  But the truth is….

He made me laugh.

My friend, Marla, made me feel better when she uncovered her sister Melanie’s pregnancy breakdown.  Poor girl cried when her person didn’t win the Showcase Showdown on the Price Is Right.  And, rightly so.  The Showcase Showdown is kind of a big deal.

It’s hard growing a person, people. 

To top it all off, I can’t even look at the devastation of Haiti.  But, I do.  Because, I refuse to be unaffected by it.  Unmoved.  Unwilling to do something.

I have to.  We all do.  Our hearts have to break over what breaks God’s heart.  Isaiah 61 says God has anointed us to bring good news to the poor and to comfort the brokenhearted.  I think it’s awesome that most of us can give something financially.  And, we should.  But, when I heard my friend, Amy Newberry, say this, it made me want to invest more than just my money:

“I really wish I could go to Haiti today and hold some of those precious women while they cry over the loss of their children.”

That’s a deeper level, friends.  It’s actually being the hands and feet of Christ.

God, please.  Break my heart for what breaks yours. 

And, bring healing to Haiti’s people.


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15 responses to “Those Pears Can Be A Doozy.

  1. Lindsey

    Dusty, I too had a prego breakdown at Target’! Too funny! Except mine wasn’t over tomatoes, instead a disagreement with my husband on if a leopard print coat for a six year old was suitable! HA! I said yes of course, with my wild sense of style…and he was opposed with saying he didn’t want his daughter looking like a bleep bleep bleep! Anyhoo, my tears and I both ended up in the food court along with a large slushie and a cheese pretzel. Oh, and did I mention the leopard jacket followed with my understanding husband who gave in to my “breakdown”. What we go through (and our poor defenseless hubbys) to grow our precious little angels! I hate to remind you but the breakdowns continue when your sleep deprived after your little one arrives! Hold your head high and know that your entitled to a breakdown or TEN a day…your an awesome mom!

  2. christie

    I’m not pregnant and breakdown over seemingly trivial things all the time! And, I can’t even blame it on hormones. But, I do break down thinking about kids that don’t look forward to school breaks because life at home is unbearable. I do break down when life is unfair. When people blame that unfair life on a God that loves us so much that we could never comprehend. And, over mamas losing their babies. my heart is wrenched right now over haiti and I truly believe God’s is too, but He also has to be proud that so many people come together to help a nation with “our” most precious assets *our time and our money*.

  3. marla

    Love it!! Atleast Kris knew how to make it all better before you ever left the grocery store. Too funny! I’ve never heard of these “honey crisp apples”. I will have to look for those.
    I’m so with you on the Haiti thing. I have to watch it! I wished we could do more than send money. Breaks my heart to see those kids in the orphanages that have nothing when our kids have so much.

    • Dusty Takle

      Marla, the honey crisp apples were at Super Target in a big box on SALE!! Glory! And, they are, as their name suggests, crispy.

  4. KT cracks me up and I loveeeeeee that he makes you laugh…that was the first thing that stole my heart about him….he made you laugh again and I love that he still does…..Haiti has lots of response…Love the song quote too :)….

  5. Melanie

    Wow, I made the blog! Actually I was crying because someone won the $10,000 on Plinko…kind of a big deal, too! Not sure if they were tears of joy for her, or sadness because it was not me up on that stage!
    We in the Thurston family like to tell our husbands that growing a person is equivilent to climbing mountains. Brittany regularly reminded Adam of this during her last pregnancy. When he called me to verify this to be true I totally backed her up! We sisters have to stick together!

  6. haha…i love laughing with you Dusty…your posts are always a heart -stringed, pick-me-up. I’m so glad we bumped into each other at the Twitter Mall one day last year. No pregnancy for me just yet, but pears can totally be emotional! When i see them, I still hear the theme music for “City of Angels” with Meg Ryan & Nicholas Cage, where he’s left shopping alone, crying & filling up his basket with like 86 pears….classic.

    btw: i mentioned our ‘digital meeting’ in my blog this weekend. it’s my usual 1200 word NOVEL of a blog, so u can skip to paragraph 3 for the sake of time. 🙂

  7. Dusty, you always amaze me with the way you are so genuine!! Love that about you! You hit things to think about, and if we did do something you mention, like cry over something silly? You bring it out and the way you express it, helps simplify things.

    I took am thankful for Kris and the blessing he is to you and all of us! Love humor! Have to laugh at life, and what it brings, we are still standing, right? Thank you!

  8. growing a person is a big deal:) (Sorry for the can of peas comment) ….love your blog…

  9. I like that Kris Takle. Time for us all to get together..

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  11. DP the Rapper guy

    You really need to stop writing stuff like this. IT MAKES ME CRY!

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