Kris Takle’s Fab Five.

As a follow up to yesterday’s post on a produce department breakdown, I asked Kris to give advice to any men out there living with a pregnant wife – or hormonal woman.  Pretty much any man living with a chica.  So, without further ado, I give you my favorite pilot.

1)  Always tell your wife she looks beautiful.

2)  If your wife asks you “Do I look big?” NEVER answer yes.  The answer is ALWAYS no.

3)  If you have other children, it is wise to create time away from them so she can maintain her sanity and they can maintain their lives.

4)  Don’t tell her what she can and cannot eat.  Ever.

5)  Her emotions are like waves.  Some are big.  Some are small.  But, you gotta ride ‘em all.

There ya go, men.  Number five was pretty clever, Mr. Takle.  I’d also like to add that the Little Debbie Valentine box tucked away in the refrigerator is solely for the wife. 

That is all.

What would you add?


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6 responses to “Kris Takle’s Fab Five.

  1. If she is doing something – laundry, dishes, anything….just ask if you can help or pull out the vacuum unasked…..warning: if you do the last thing, you may have to stop to catch her as she faints 😉

  2. michele mathias

    Smart, Smart man !!!! He did well!!!

  3. jason hoard

    great job kris. i just read a book that described women’s minds as a computer with many windows open at one time. our job as men is to listen to our wives in a non defensive way when they need to talk. and try to close some of those windows when possible.

  4. Loved it Kris. Copied it Dusty, printed it for my hubs, since I am a chica. lol, thanks so much. So refreshing to see a man of valor like Kris!

  5. Just read this to Terry. His response: so basically, just lie to your wife.

    Ummm, I am stunned. I think I am not going to let my mind go where it wants to right now. My knee, however, may hit him in an unfortunate spot while we are in bed tonight. I kid. =)

  6. Des

    All pale in comparison to #5. After as many kids as we’ve had, it felt like 15 years of an endless summer movie. He’s a very wise man.

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