This Is Where Coherency & Good Writing Go Out the Window.

It was a crazy, busy, fun weekend, and quite frankly, I’m spent.  I’ll write something a little more coherent later.  I went to Dallas with ten of the best ladies on the planet.  They are my BSers, you see.  Ahem, my Bible Study gals.  We left early Friday morning and I shopped until I dropped….almost literally.  But, that’s another story.

We traveled to Dallas only for food, shopping, and fun together.  I’m not sure why Kris thought I might be going to see Beth Moore or someone like her.  I told him no such thing.  Promise.  But, when he called me Friday night, he asked me, “What time is your thing tomorrow?”

“What thing?” I asked him.

“Your conference,” he said.

“Conference?  We didn’t come to Dallas for a conference.”

“What did you go there for?”  He questioned. 

“To shop, eat, and be together.”

“Well, I missed that memo!” 

It’s kind of cute that he would automatically think that any girls’ trip I take would be to hear some fabulous preachin’ and all. 

But, come on.  Sometimes, there is just as much spiritual renewal in being with a bunch of women who love Jesus, a good deal, and chips and salsa. 

Okay.  I’m out.  Back later with something.  I’m not sure what.  But something.

Love y’all.  Mean it.


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5 responses to “This Is Where Coherency & Good Writing Go Out the Window.

  1. Love you too Dusty!! Get some rest. It won’t be long before REST will be a thing of the past.

  2. Peggy

    Love it Dusty! So true.
    I sent a text to a g/f last Wed that I needed a roadtrip. She apparently was SOOOOO…ready too. She would not stop ’till we had a reservation in Savannan for Feb 19-21.
    So refreshing to just get away w/ the women friends, and I don’t even have a husband to get away from, and my kids may be grown but; I spend so much of my “life” being w/them.
    LOL! So excited!

  3. Gayla

    I am all for getting away! It was good to see you yesterday at EWC…you look great!

  4. that was seriously 36 of my favorite hours ever

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