Confessions Made Easy.

Confession is hard.  Especially when you’re five.  But, this time, I made it easy when I found old, dried grapes in our hallway coat closet.  Yes.  Grapes. 

Me:  Who put grapes in the closet?

John Henry:  It wasn’t me!

Me:  Anna?

Anna:  It wasn’t me!

Me:  Anna, just tell me now.  Did you put grapes in the closet?

Anna:  Hmmm.  Are you gonna be mad?

Me:  No.

Anna:  Am I gonna be in trouble?

Me:  (Smiling) No.

Anna:  Okayyy.  It was me.

I didn’t even want to know why.

Sometimes, our kids just need a break.  They need, well, the unmerited favor of their mom and dad, too. 

So, she got it. 

Do you need to show a little more mercy sometimes?


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3 responses to “Confessions Made Easy.

  1. Haven’t you just been stranded in an ice storm blizzard…the girl was just making sure she was gonna eat!!!!….:)

  2. Sweet! She made raisins! Our little kids table is right next to an air vent! Amazing what you find down there! Sometimes they are so cute, you just can’t be mad at them! Wonder if God sometimes thinks we are too cute to be mad at us? Hmmmmmmmm…

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