The Eagles Said Take It Easy. So Did My Doc.

My lack of writing yesterday was due to a rough night and morning with a contraction or ten.  No.  I was not in labor.  Just a tad uncomfortable.  I decided to ease the pain by taking a relaxing, warm bath.  When Anna walked in and saw me, she giggled and said, “Mom, you’re too big for the bathtub.” 

Yes, she is still alive and well.

I called my doctor at the persistence of my husband.  The nurse requested I go to the hospital just as a precautionary measure.  Something, I clearly did not want to do.  But, I did.  Baby is fine.  I am fine.  To quote my nurse, “You are 35 years old and pregnant with your third.  Things just don’t hold together like they used to.”

Yes, she is still alive and well.

Actually, she was a very sweet nurse and took great care of me.  She asked if I had been over-doing it at all.  I told her I had somewhat of a, ahem, busy weekend. 

What did you think I was going to tell her?  “Um, well, I did go to Dallas and shop all day, then caught a flight the next day to Atlanta then back to Oklahoma two days after that.”

No. Dadgum. Way. 

But, Kris completely uncovered me and was like, “Yeah, I thought she was going to a conference….”

Yes, he is still alive and well.

I was sent me home with orders to drink plenty o’ water and take it easy.  I interpreted that as “Shopping is permitted, just take frequent latte water breaks.”

In better news, my mom is here.  And, that, my friends, makes my world a better place.  Well, that and a box of Junior Mints. 

So, there ya go.  And, no worries.  My self-esteem is still intact thanks to a husband who told me I am beautiful.  He listened well to my dad’s message on Sunday.  That being said, go compliment your spouse today.  It might be exactly what he or she needs to hear.

Okay.  I’m taking a water break now.


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8 responses to “The Eagles Said Take It Easy. So Did My Doc.

  1. When Anna walked in and saw me, she giggled and said, “Mom, you’re too big for the bathtub.” …ummm…sounds like Anna has been hangin with Big Mama lol….take care gurl…

  2. Dusty, thank you for sharing! We will all keep you and Jett, your family lifted up in our prayers, releasing prayers of faith! Love you! REST! lol

  3. Amanda Morgan

    I loathed going to the hospital when I knew good and well my little bun wasn’t ready to come out of the oven. On the positive side, I did get to hear his or her sweet little heartbeat every time I went, so in the end, it made it all worthwhile. I’m so glad Jett is doing well in his little “hangar” and I’m glad you are doing well too. Now. SLOW DOWN and relax!! Love ya girl!!!

  4. Kate

    Glad all is well!!! Love you much!

  5. Michelle Riddle

    I’m glad everything is good! On a Junior Mint note…did you know they also have peppermint Junior Mints? I got some in my stocking at Christmas and thought they were fantastic…& it made me think of you. 🙂

    Have a great day!

  6. Brenda

    Take it easy and enjoy BeeGee!

  7. Glad you’re doing well, Junior Mints make everything better!

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