Countdown to Jett Takle.

Thank heavens for mommas.  Mine was here for a few days to help me prepare for our baby boy’s arrival.  I’ve been motivated to get busy with his room.  However, my motivation had not exceeded calling a painter to paint his room. 

Here are a few pics of what we she accomplished:

I confiscated the biplane pic from our office.  Do you think Kris has noticed it missing yet?  I bet he does now.

As soon Jett arrives, we will fill this frame with a sweet little picture of him with his big bro and sis.  It’s low to the ground so he can see it….as are his hats.  Because, he is obviously going to be wondering where his hats are next month.

Of course, Anna Takle needed to make sure she was a part of the organizing process.  Or, at least, the photo ops.  What you don’t see in this picture is her third ponytail in the back.  And, don’t think I don’t have a picture of the back of her hair.  She insisted on it.

We are going to put a picture of Jett above his crib inscribed with a scripture.  I’ve been praying about that scripture, but I think I may have decided on one.  More to come later there.  And um, Jett will probably need to get here before I can complete that project. 

I’ll post more pics as soon as the room is completely finished.  Mom will probably be ready for a vacation when she gets back home today.  Between working hard on Jett’s room, doing my laundry, and entertaining John Henry and Anna, she insisted I rest.

I resisted every time for at least three seconds.  Then, she’d refill my water bottle, and I’d return to yelling loudly for Apolo Ohno. 

What would I ever do without her? 

I haven’t a clue. 

It’s been said that “a mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie.” 

That is my mother.  I am blessed.  Very, very blessed.


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10 responses to “Countdown to Jett Takle.

  1. You Mom is a great lady.Thankfully the snow extended her visit. (She Fbooked that little tid bit) The room looks great. I love,LOVE that shade of blue.

  2. christie

    love it, love yo mama, love you!!!

  3. christie

    p.s. don’t forget the outlet covers…you know how wobbly those newborns are when reaching for their caps…finger in the socket, finger in the socket…

  4. Your Mom is a great lady.Thankfully the snow extended her visit. (She Fbooked that little tid bit) The room looks great. I love,LOVE that shade of blue.

  5. I loved the room, loved the love of your Mama..she has a huge golden heart!! She is exceptional!! Congrats on the room completed!! Anna is a sweet addition, bet she can’t wait to hold Jett either!!

  6. Can’t wait to meet the little guy!

  7. Reminds me of Jacks first room…sweet…

  8. Brenda

    Love all of you guys!

  9. Thank you Christie for reminding her of the outlet covers so I didnt have to 🙂

    I cant wait to meet this little guy – to see what he becomes as a third behind the sweet heart of JH and the spunkiness of Ms. Anna 🙂

    I will start praying for you now, sweetheart 😉

    LOVE YOU!!

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