Her Ability To Make Me Laugh Is Often Redemptive.

I told her the brown leggings with the peach flowers looked hideous with her shirt.  She disagreed.  I told her to change pants.  She did.

Sort of.

So, when I picked her up from school, how in the name of all things Vogue, did she manage to have on the brown leggings again? 

Because, she wore them under the pants that won my stamp of approval. 

“Besides,” she said, “My teacher liked them.”

Any and all advice on raising a strong-willed little girl is appreciated.  As are prayers.  And boxes of chocolate.  And a vacation for two to the Caribbean. 

But, I do have hope.  You see, I was a very similar five-year old.  And, my mom still loves me today.


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18 responses to “Her Ability To Make Me Laugh Is Often Redemptive.

  1. Wendy Verdon

    Dusty – you amaze me. Love it!

  2. Anna is sheek, well, she has a style all her own! heh heh! Soooo, you were like her, huh? lol…everyone needs an Anna, very entertaining! Take care of yourself!!

  3. Sabrina

    Pick your battles Dusty……just pick your battles! It will all work out in the end. Just look at the amazing woman you turned out to be with an amazing mom picking her battles too!

  4. Jenny Doss

    Hee hee…she IS a funny girl…like her MAMA!
    I will say that the “strong willed” part of my daughter (when she was Anna’s age) drove me
    C-R-A-Z-Y. But now that she is grown…it is one of my favorite things about her! Today “Strong-willed” no longer looks like rebellion or disobedience. I see in her such a deep commitment to look at areas in herself that she wants to become more like Christ …a huge confidence in her talents & abilities…and an incredible strength to make good decisions & choices no matter what others think. So…”strong-willed” yielded to “God’s Will” is good stuff!

  5. Kevin

    At least you don’t have to deal with the phone calls about underwear……=)

  6. If it helps…she makes you look like a walk in the park ….on the other hand …add that to what Jenny said and we will soon, if not already, begin to see an unshakeable little PRINCESS WARRIOR….ps…I like the leggings..Why didn’t you change her shirt…:)

  7. Amanda Morgan

    I like her Vogue pose in her Sassy Sister Princess Purple Throne seat. Adorable!

  8. Julie

    Glad Jett is a boy!

  9. Robin

    Sorry, no advise from me. I was just reading the comments to get advise for my strong-willed little girl. Thanks Jennifer! All I can say is I can completely relate to your exasperation! ; )

  10. Gayla

    I also have a very strong- willed child…Jennifer’s encouragement helps…I know Jennifer’s baby girl and she is wonderful…

  11. marla

    awww…she looks cute to me 🙂

  12. Brenda

    Just be glad that girl was a one of a kind and not twins! LOL!

  13. christie

    i loved that my mom never, never cared what we wore, what we did to our hair. kids have so few things to choose in life, i mean, really- that whatever they wear is just their way to express all that amazing stuff inside. looking back i wonder why she would let us even go to the mailbox in some stuff, but she was so great that way.

  14. OMG, I am literally laughing out loud. Reese left today with pink capris, red skort, fuchia hoodie (hood up) and a sparkly silver scarf wrapped around her neck. I don’t even care anymore. It’s obvious I don’t dress her, so as long as it’s one less thing on my morning to do list (and it’s weather appropriate) she can wear it!

  15. Susan Elliott-Kinsey

    I understand COMPLETELY the adventures of raising a strong willed daughter. I also share with you the the experience of having my blessed Mama just shake her head and giggle and mumble something about she is so like her mama. When Kaite was 8 months old, she too is 5, she received a word from visiting ministry that her independence and will was God given and that as frustrated as it would make me, it was God given because she would be instrumental in revitilizing the Kingdom. Now, that sounds like a job that would require some strength of will…lol! Yes, I have to teach her right from wrong but I also have to walk a fine line in not crushing her spirit. There is a reason for her strength. I know it has come in handy in my life…as long as I teach her that the Source of her strength is the Lord and that in her zeal to conquer the world of everyone around her that she too must respect other people’s boundaries, all I can do, really do, is pray for her. And try to laugh…because I do remember a few things I tried…except mine was a cute little sequined shirt that fit very conveniently beneath my monogrammed sweater instead of brown flowered leggings…on that day anyway! I love reading about Anna’s adventures because they are so much like Kaite’s and it helps me GREATLY to know that I am not alone….thank you for sharing her with all of us!

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