Really. Does This Post Warrant A Title?

Whenever I wake up and say, “Today is the day I begin to lose the rest of my baby weight,” I am certain to grab two handfuls of M&M’s right before bedtime.  And, I probably forgot about my proclamation by lunch time, too.  It’s not even that I struggle with the temptation of certain foods.  I JUST SIMPLY FORGET. 

I blame the fact that I am busier than ever.  Or, I blame Kris.  Because, surely, it is his fault for not taking responsibility for my lack of motivation or forgetfulness.  

And, I’m behind on my television viewing, AND my toes and hair are clearly in need of ministry.  It’s for these reasons I am aware that I need to re-prioritize my life.  I felt especially beautiful when my husband saw me yesterday, post shower, wearing my tennis shoes with my bath wrap.  I don’t know.  Tennis shoes just felt like the first natural step in the getting dressed process.  So, imagine my confusion when Kris inquired, “Would you like for me to take a picture of you?” 

I’m sure Kris’ exposure to my wrap/tennis shoes pairing only made his odd day odder.  He had just returned from a tiny, little town who apparently sells the cheapest cattle feed this side of the….I don’t know what this side of.  His feed wasn’t ready when he arrived, so the store owner suggested he go get himself “the finest breakfast in town.” 

Kris’ recap of his breakfast:  “There were no biscuits.  There wasn’t anything really.  No tables or chairs.  Only a piece of sausage and bacon served on a paper towel.  Then, there was the guy in the corner staring at me with one eye, while his other eye looked in the opposite direction.”

The store owner asked him how his breakfast was.  Kris commented on the absence of tables and chairs.  “Oh, that’s so they don’t have to get inspected.”

I do not lie.  And, neither does Kris. 

I encouraged Kris that, at least, he was able to skip out on the carbohydrates.  And, at least, I didn’t have on knee socks with my tennis shoes. 

You see?  There is always a bright side.


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3 responses to “Really. Does This Post Warrant A Title?

  1. marla

    I see nothing wrong with your get-up! I prefer the wrap with my bedroom boots. The ol bedrm boots make legs look hot!! Haha

  2. Brenda

    Wish Kris had taken a picture! I am SURE you could have worked it into a blog with Anna’s fashion style some Friday! LOVE the comment on table and chairs! Welcome back to the South, YA’LL!!!! I ALWAYS find a bright side no matter what the circumstance! It is what gets me through! Gotta be able to laugh!!!

  3. Darlene

    ROFLMBO… let him see you post-shower? Oh, have we got work to do…….

    I have been in Georgia longer than I was ever in New York and while I’m not a grits eater, I expect to have biscuits and corn muffins if I’m ordering breakfast at, say, Cracker Barrel! And my syrup heated at IHOP.

    Several words for you – don’t buy the M&Ms. Or…buy the snack-pack size. Because if you eat several bags in one of “those moments”, you are not eating hardly any calories! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it….

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