It Takes A Village.

Why do I think about how much I love my children when they’re in bed asleep more than I do when they are awake and running amuck?  Well, because they are running amuck, I suppose.  After I put the three little people to bed last night, dad and I discussed in length about chasing after God through worship, which has nothing to do with this post, really.  So, AFTER dad and I had our little Jesus talk, he went home, and I went to bed and thought about what I’m doing to fulfill my mission for my family:  raising my children to be fully devoted followers of Christ.  I try to be very intentional in talking with my children about who God is in their life.  They ask a lot of questions now about the things of God. 

Especially, Anna.  Of course, she asks a lot of questions about everything and is generally disappointed in my lack of knowledge on the snake species.  She has also requested a “snake party” for her birthday.  John Henry told her if she has snakes at her party, then he isn’t coming.  She responded with, “Well, I won’t invite you, then.”  Fair enough.  She’s also asked for camouflage apparel for deer hunting season.  The vogue in me shouts, “Stop this madness!”  I blame Kris.  He is not exactly burning holes on the fashion runways. 

Questions.  So, Anna asked, “Okay, there is the Holy Spirit….and who are the other two?”  I’ve decided to let dad explain the trinity to her.  Because, I failed miserably in trying to explain it to my husband. 

I look to other lovers of Jesus to partner with me in raising my children to become devoted followers of Christ.  And, I look to Mrs. Darlene, her Sunday School teacher, to work out the kinks in her response to learning that Esther was a queen:  “I don’t like princesses.  Not Ariel.  Not any of them.” 

This is why the body of Christ is so important.  I really wouldn’t want to do life without them.  And, fulfilling my family mission would be a lot harder to do alone.  So, I work hard to make sure my kids don’t miss a Sunday at church.  And, I work hard to make sure I don’t miss out on life experiences to disciple them. 

It takes a village, people.


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9 responses to “It Takes A Village.

  1. It does take a village. I don’t know how people with out strong church connections do it!



  3. Will

    Did you really say that it takes the “Village People”? You may need help.

  4. Brenda

    Tell Anna that I will be with JH on her Birthday since I don’t like snakes either! Great Blog!

  5. You are so right on the money! From my short 18 months of being a mother, thus far, I have learned to be grateful I have a village. My family is our biggest support system. But I have already made church a routine part of our week, Wednesday and Sunday. I’m thankful to have my church as part of my village when the questions start coming from my son. I love your blog. Keep up the great work!

  6. Darlene

    Ahhhh…she wants a “snake” party? Could you get away with those giant stuffed ones like they have at fairs or something? And stick a tiara on one for me…lolol.

    I have always thought it took a village to raise kids, which is why I am soooo blessed that God gave me the desire to work with them!

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