The Boy Who Made Me Mom.

Today is a big deal.  How in the world have eight years zipped by so swiftly?  One day you are wearing floaties and sticking your little tongue into the water while your sister contemplates her next antic in Annaville….

Then, the next day you are leaping off of a 25 foot drop into the Caribbean.

I’m pretty sure I only blinked once. 

John Henry Landreth, I thank God every single day that I get to be your mother. 

I love the young man you are and the one I see you becoming. 

I love how you still find comfort sleeping with your stuffed animals.

I love how you feel safe enough with me to tell me anything.

I love how you so quickly forgive others and so quickly let go of your hurts.

I love how broken you become when you see need and the urgency you feel to meet that need.

I love how you grasp what it means when I tell you to seek God. 

I love how you love your friends.

I love how you enjoy dessert with me.

I love how you request family night.

I love how you include your little sister.

I love how you entertain your little brother.

I love how you asked me to snuggle a little longer with you last night.  Because, it was the last night I would tuck in a seven year old boy named John Henry.

You are eight today.  I’m not sure how this day has come so quickly.  But, I am sure I have enjoyed every single day since September 24, 2002. 

You made me a mother that day.  And, God made a gentle giant who is destined to be a world changer.

Happy Birthday, JH.  I love you big.


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11 responses to “The Boy Who Made Me Mom.

  1. Gayla

    I didn’t plan on crying so early this morning. Love you guys. Happy Birthday, JH.

  2. marla

    Good thing I haven’t put on my eye make-up yet! haha SO sweet! Y’all are good people! 🙂
    Hope JH has the most wonderful birthday!

  3. Happy birthday John Henry. You are a special boy and I love you and your family!!!

  4. I love “GENTLE GIANT” ML’s dedication, God spoke to me that he would be a “GENTLE LION”…the next generation is going to be a “GENTLE ARMY”, brave and courageous and loving and caring and effective….I can’t wait to see what they do for the Kingdom…HAPPY BIRTHDAY “GENTLE GIANT”…LOVE YOU ALL THE WORLD…

  5. Susan Elliott

    Sweet beyond words! Nothing like how a mama loves her little boy 🙂 We love our girls too, it’s just different. Happy Birthday and many, many more happy birthdays to come!

  6. Mom

    Happy Birthday to my “Heart” who made me a Nan!
    I know John Henry is the sweetest little guy alive, and he had my heart the very first time I heard his!
    I love you high as the moon, stars, sun, the skies and all the way up to heaven!

  7. Brenda

    Happy Birthday, Jonary! You are an AWESOME young man! Have a GREAT day! Love ya bunches!!!!!!!

  8. kate

    There are no words…..too sweet!

  9. John Henry is so very special, God had a huge plan for him. Love to hear about his life from you Dusty! Happy Birthday John Henry!! You have enlarged your territory early in your life! You have beautiful blue eyes and a loving fun family!!

  10. Jenny Doss

    Tears. You are a wonderful mom…with a sweeeet Birthday Boy! Happy 8th Birthday, John Henry!! I sure do love you!!

  11. Joey

    And now happy birthday to you!!!!!

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