Wonder What He Thinks?

I drove up to the school entrance like I do most every morning.  I prayed over my big kids and gave them my usual, “Be the light of Jesus” instruction.  They always laugh when I say this.  I do say it in a very funny voice.  Well, funny to little ears, anyway.  They exited the car with their backpacks in tow, and I pulled away with tears streaming. 

I was overwhelmed with the thought of how much I love John Henry and Anna.  I couldn’t stop thinking about how much I love them.  All the way back home. 

Pulling into my driveway, I felt God say, “I think about how much I love you, too.”

At that moment, I became overwhelmed with the thought of how much He loves me.

He not only loves you.  He thinks about how much He loves you.

And, with the knowledge of that love for us, how can we not trust Him with our lives?  How can we not trust in His faithfulness?  1 John 4:16 says, “We know how much God loves us, and we have to put our trust in His love.” 

How do we respond to that kind of love?

We love Him right back.  We love His word.  We love His presence.  We love His people. 

I want to be as obsessed with Him as He is with me.  My dad reminded me yesterday, “If He can put His body on a cross, I can put my heart and soul there.” 

May I be mindful daily to do just that. 

And, may I never stop being overwhelmed by how relentless He truly is.


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8 responses to “Wonder What He Thinks?

  1. kate

    Mmmmm…. So good!

  2. Darlene

    Love being overwhelmed like that!

  3. That moved my heart Grasshopper….Powerfully true….

  4. penny doss

    I have never STOP being overwhelmed by His love. Where there is much forgiven there is much love.

  5. Dusty, that was so good!! Thank you for the reminder! I love how you stir up the gift of life in others and myself! It is a gift to teach us to “realize something or to appreciate it, or accept it”! Thank you for sharing your gifts!! Full heart with that reminder!! Love you!

  6. Wanda

    loved this Dusty. I read it out loud to myself so I could hear that he loves me. thanks for sharing your heart with us!

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