Chasing Babies, Chasing Dreams.

I’m back.

I made a few resolutions for this new year.  One was to blog.  Consistently.


I blame my previous lack of consistency on Mario Andretti here.

Why didn’t anyone tell me these little guys like to eat paper, climb stairs, swiffer floors, and find every single, tiny, choking hazard on the ground?  Because, clearly, I have never done this before.  Or, at least, that’s how it often feels. 

But, I also don’t remember soaking up every second of growth and change like I have done with this grand finale to the Takle family.  I think I am much more aware of that whole “you’ll blink your eyes” analogy.  And, he is a joy, I tell ya.

Along with my resolution to write more on this blog, I begin another writing adventure this week. 

A book. 

I am in the process of outlining a book with my dad on….

My lips are sealed.  Its title is top secret.  But, if you run into me in the grocery store, I’m sure I’ll tell you if you ask.

I’ve also been outlining a book on my own.  But, I’m switching gears on that one to devote my time to this collaborative effort with Dad.  I am hoping that by the year’s end, both will be finished.

Because, writing a book has been a dream. 

And, I’m excited about chasing after that dream.

What are you chasing after this year?


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10 responses to “Chasing Babies, Chasing Dreams.

  1. Julie Beasley

    Glad you are back! I have missed you!

  2. Welcome back Grasshopper……<3

  3. Our little guys could exchange tiny choking hazards all day. Excited for you!

  4. Angela

    May this be the beginning of many dreams that you chase in 2011. Look forward to more blogs.

  5. Brenda

    Welcome Back! I have missed your Blog! I am chasing dreams with ya, Sista! I, too, will start a book soon ( I may need your help!)… Along with continuing to go after the long awaited BSN, MSN to educate the next generation of nurses….with a few vacations along the way! A girl needs inspiration….ya know! Love ya BUNCHES!!!

  6. Ohhhh Dusty!! I am soooo excited and gonna pray, pray, pray about the book God is gonna help you write!! I love your blogs and I know the book will be awesome!! I am praying for it to be completed as your goal is written in JESUS name!!! It will be an awesome tool for many!!

  7. i pray God’s blessings and anointing on your book adventures! What an awesome dream!! I wish I could run into you in the grocery store and get the real scoop! I can’t wait to hear about this. I have a some ideas for a few books in my heart, but I have not made the resolve to complete it – maybe this is the year for that dream to unfold! Thanks for challenging me with your commitment!

  8. Amy Miller

    So glad you are back.. You are such an inspiration and so many of your blogs speak directly to me.

  9. Darlene

    Wow….God has used you once again to poke me in the side. I will run into you at church…haha….and perhaps pick your brain!

  10. My son just turned one, and the instant Find-All-Things-Dirty-And-Hazardous mentality is just kicking into full gear! Glad to know I’m not alone!

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