I Was Out of Her Hair.

Anna had requested that I remain in the hospital an extra day or three, so she could tell everyone her mom is in the hospital.  And, I am aware that she eagerly ran to many of you boasting of her momma’s awesome accommodations.  Of course, I will admit…the hospital can be quite entertaining.  At least, my neighbors were.  I don’t think it’s appropriate to uncover on the world wide web those experiences; but, I will tell you I did have a nurse’s assistant who was very proud of her tattoos.  And, her evening wouldn’t have been complete without making sure I saw “cream de la cream” on her back side. 

The Lord liveth.  I do not lie.

Fortunately, Anna wasn’t around to witness that little occurrence, but she did attempt to record a little documentary of part of her hospital visit experience.  Watch out.  This ride may get a little bumpy.

And I wasn’t having a baby.  “That’s what’s clear,” Anna documented.

The day after I came home, Kris took the big kids on our already scheduled trip for Winter Break.  And, when Anna learned that I would not be joining them, Kris said she immediately broke out into song, “She’s out of our hair!” from Monster’s Inc. 

She is a clever one.  That is for sure.


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9 responses to “I Was Out of Her Hair.

  1. shammond

    What a thespian!!! Cracks me up all the time….

  2. What a joy Anna is!! The part where she says, “Room service is here” was funneeee!

  3. What out Spielburg…..:)

  4. sharon

    Just love this little girl. She always has something interesting to say.

  5. Lindsey

    HILARIOUS! She never ceases to amaze me! Humorous just like her momma!

  6. marla

    She is a HOOT!! I see a little Oprah in that girl. She’s great at reporting the facts! haha

  7. Wendy Verdon

    That is too funny! SHe is the funniest little thing and your writing skills never cease to amaze me!

  8. Darlene Dean

    OMGosh….she never ceases to amaze me. I love her to bits…this is another reason why I need more energy! ♥

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