The Truth About Resentment.

Truth is.

I’ve had one million things to write about.

Truth is.

I’ve taken zero time to write anything.

It’s easy to get out of a daily routine.  A routine of exercise.  A routine of going to church on Sundays.  A routine of weekly date nights.  A routine of family devotions. 

A routine of writing.  Okay, and so a routine of exercise. 

And, I almost didn’t write this post.  I just knew I needed to.  I knew I needed to write down how I had this moment tonight where I found myself beginning to feel resentful.  Resentful for having so little time to myself.  Resentful that I am the one who picks up behind little people.  And, ahem, big people.  Resentful that my day is usually consumed with doing things for other people.


So, I prayed.

And, as quickly as that resentment came pulsing through my veins, it left.  Really.  It did.  I realized that usually when resentment begins creeping into my life, it is the direct result of me failing to spend time alone with my Father.  My Friend.  I can spend a large portion of my day studying scriptures and researching words like “faith.”  It’s all head knowledge.  Granted a lot of it goes directly to my heart, and that’s all good.  But it’s not relational.  Not in the way He wants and not in the way I need.  And, it’s that relational part that keeps me in check.  Well, it keeps my attitude in check.  If you don’t believe me, ask Kris Takle. 

Or not.

And, the truth is.

My life is not my own anyway. 

So, what could I possibly be resentful about?

Now, my resentment has turned into gratitude.  Gratitude for a Father who doesn’t let me stay in a crappy state of mind.  Gratitude for a Friend who will let me vent, but then speak truth into my life seconds later. 

Because, He loves me.  And, the only appropriate response is to love Him right back. 

With time spent with Him.


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8 responses to “The Truth About Resentment.

  1. I’m so excited I get to hug your neck soon.

  2. Gayla

    Girl…just about every time God speaks to me about something…like just this morning…I was feeling resentful yesterday ( I didn’t call it that, though). He said, ” try spending some time with me”….you blog about it!!!! I cannot tell you how many times God uses you to confirm what He is telling me! Thanks for that!

  3. Lindsey

    Great post! You had me at crappy state of mind! Good reality check!

  4. Great attitude and insight thanks. And if I may be so bold, the next time you feel frustrated doing fir others be Thankful in that moment that they are there (healthy and happy) for you to pick up after. Hugs and Blessings to you

  5. I love – LOVE – that from one second to the next, after a quick heart check, I can go from “I have to pick up his socks….” to “I GET to pick up his socks….” God is so good! I totally get the immediate change!!! And ditto Robin!!

    ly – jwe

  6. Dusty, your blog spoke to me too! I had pain covering resentment but it was still there. Thank you for God using you to stir the pot as God molds me. I love you!!

  7. Darlene Dean

    Wise words, my friend. Wise wise words! While I am not always thrilled to fold the clothes of another adult, when I look at it from the perspective of the cross and the fact that he almost died two years ago, I am grateful. God is, indeed, good, to use your life and words to minister to my heart. Thank you for being transparent.

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