Seven Is Golden

I love you. I mean, I love everything about you. I even love how you scare me a little before you open your mouth, and I have no idea what you are about to tell someone. I love your tenacity. I love how you are mesmerized with the oddest of things. Like mummies. And earthquakes. And the Rosetta Stone. And chess. And cooking.

Of course, I think cooking is odd.

I love how you adore your father. How he can do no wrong ever. I love how you look up to John Henry and melt when he wants to play a game with you. I love how you say, “Jett is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” I love how you want a “Girls’ Day” with me as often as you can get one.

I love your boldness.

I love how you love going to church. I love how you raise your hands and worship your Creator. I love how passionate you are about who God is in your life.
And, I love how you aren’t afraid to ask the hardest questions about faith.

I love your sense of humor.

I love how we can laugh together so hard at the same thing. And, you catch my eye, and we connect on a different level. You know. Like a friend level.

You are my best friend, Anna Takle.

And, you are my favorite lunch date.
It’s just hard to fathom that when I stare across the table now, I don’t see this anymore:

I don’t see the little girl with bangs holding tightly to her doll named Jenny.
Instead, I see this:

A beautiful, young lady growing into all that God has for her.
Happy 7th Birthday, Anna Marie.

You will always be my favorite girl.


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6 responses to “Seven Is Golden

  1. Michele Mathias

    I love to hear every Blog you have ever done!!! Your kids are awesome and we can never get enough of hearing about them! You have a wonderful family Dusty! Thank you for sharing your stories!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNA!!!

  2. Julie

    Happy Birthday Anna! There is NOTHING like an Anna to make your life complete! I wouldn’t trade MY Anna for anything in the world!!!

  3. Dusty, I pray Anna has a Mama and Daddy as wonderful as you both are to her and family, and I know the heritage will go on. But that little girl has been able to be who she is because of the family she has! She is adorable! Thank you for your expression of that love you hold in your heart. I feel that way about my daughters and it came out in tears as I read your blog! I know your parents adore you that way. It is an awesome love!

  4. Marla

    Sweetest words ever!!! She IS a beautiful and funny girl. Happy Birthday, Anna!! 🙂

  5. Lynn

    It seems like yesterday when I was praying God would keep you and Anna safe as she was entering this world. You are doing an awesome job with your children, and it is paying off. One of the best things I love about your mothering is how you allow your children to be themselves without trying to force them into the mold you think they should fit in. This is why they are so free to become who God has created them to be. Hats off to you, dear Dusty, and happy birthday to Anna.

  6. Lynn

    P.S. I don’t know why there is a caption that says my comment is awaiting moderation! (?) Ah yes – the challenge of being a technically challenged Senior Citizen!

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