Girl Interrupted.

Kris is watching Discovery Channel’s Moonshiners right beside me.  What is this guy in the hat and overalls saying?  Anna-pedia walks in to let us know that the Whale Shark is the largest species in the ocean and has 3000 teeth and wants to know when she can go swim with a few of them.  John Henry enters behind Anna with a few questions of his own.  The littlest Takle is behaving nicely in his bed.  All the while, I am trying to write this post.


Life is full of them.  We can resent them.  Try to avoid them.  Become irritated by them.  Whatever our response, they are going to happen.  So, we may as well embrace them.

Because, by embracing them, we allow ourselves to become fully present in that moment.  It’s like that moment when you run into an old friend in grocery store.  You’d really prefer to skip the interruption and move right along with your cart full of sundries.  Wouldn’t you?  But, usually you can’t.  You stop.  You half-way listen to what your friend is telling you, because you can’t stop thinking how hurried you are.  You aren’t fully present.  And, you miss an opportunity to really be with that someone.  To connect with them and embrace them.  To embrace that interruption.

I’m not arguing that every life interruption is a beneficial one.  Certainly, there are interruptions that can actually divert us from something God has called us to do.  But, many are beneficial.  And, often times, God will use them to our advantage.

During His ministry on earth, Jesus was interrupted ALL THE TIME.  And, many people were healed during His interruptions.

We will never know how many times God is using people and circumstances to interrupt our lives.  He loves you.  He wants your attention.  And, He wants us to attend to the people He places in our lives.  This year, I want to embrace those interruptions without my internal (and sometimes external) sigh of annoyance.  Because, by embracing them, I am embracing that friend who may have something life-giving to impart to me.  I am embracing a moment to look up the history of moonshining and learn something new.  I am embracing the courage of a little girl who wants to swim with the largest animal of the sea.

I am embracing LIFE.

Most of the good stuff in life happens in between our scheduled plans.  They are called interruptions.  And, I am choosing to be present in them.

I don’t want to miss the good stuff.  Because, it is most certainly the God stuff.

How do you respond to life’s interruptions?


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2 responses to “Girl Interrupted.

  1. This is such a timely post for me to read 🙂 I am definitely not handling interruptions very well and this is a good reminder of the importance of those interruptions. Well put!

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