The Terrific Twos.

You may call them terrible. I call them terrific. Perhaps, it’s because I now know firsthand that I will blink my eyes, and Jett Takle will be in Kindergarten. And, if you have children who have already graduated from high school, I really don’t need to hear how that day will be here for me faster than I can say, “Let’s play Candy Land.” Granted, I have days I dream of an empty nest, and Kris and I relaxing in the Caribbean somewhere. We give our grown children our mobile numbers, but we don’t tell them where we are. It’s true. I do think about it. But, most of the time, I think about how much I love these years. With its chaos and laughter and discoveries and first words and piano lessons and guitar lessons, and so many assorted cereal options in one pantry that even Jerry Seinfeld would be jealous.

I love this life.

And, I am so thankful for that day I looked at Kris and said, “You know, I think I do want one more baby.” Because, two years ago today, Jett Takle completed our family. He makes us smile bigger and more often than we ever dreamed possible.

Jett, I love the way you love eating apples. I’m so glad Mr. Jenkins at Piggly Wiggly lets you eat one from the produce section to make my grocery store trips easier. And, I’m so glad you let the cashier weigh your half-eaten apple with the others so, we can pay for it.

I love the way you love “driving” the truck on the farm with your daddy.

Your big brother and sister don’t even ask to drive any more. Probably, because they know you will beat them to it.

I love the way you love learning new things. Like fishing. And, I love how you look to your daddy so many times for his approval on doing it right.

There is no doubt. You get your immense passion for farm life from your father. I love the way you start “mooing” as soon as we drive up to the farm. You make your daddy follow those cows all over. And, you are certain to cry when we leave them.

And, it’s really no surprise one of your first words was “airplane.”

You are fascinated with them.

I have a feeling that once you figure out your daddy flies them, he will be an even greater rock star in your eyes. If that is even possible.

I love how you take your big brother’s hand. I love how he lets you take him anywhere you want to go. I especially love how you call him “Bubba”, and he calls you “Bubba” right back. Melt. My. Heart.

I love how you love crawling up into your Sissy’s bed to watch her draw.

Just a word of advice: Try not to touch all of her stuff in her room. It’ll save us both a lot of heartache.

You make our lives so much richer. You make us so much more aware of all of the good stuff around us. You make us press pause and soak in the joys again of blowing dandelions. And, roaring like a lion. And, rolling in the grass. And, eating popsicles. And, cheering, “Yay!”

Happy Birthday, Jett. I pray that over this next year you begin learning about your Creator. Because, when He made you, He really made a wonderful thing.

I love you to the moon and back one million times,




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12 responses to “The Terrific Twos.

  1. sue kap

    Happy birthday Jett!!

  2. Bonnie

    And I love how you write about your children and truly take the time to enjoy each of them. I love watching you be such a wonderful MOM! I think when the creator made YOU, he made a wonderful thing!! And I LOVE YOU!!!! Sweet girl!!

  3. Happy birthday Jettman! You are adorable!

  4. Gayla

    Happy Birthday, Jett!

  5. You paint such a beautiful picture with your words. Anyone who reads this, now knows Jett Takle. I agree with Boo, except for the girl part. You have grown into a “Sweet Woman.” HAPPY BIRTHDAY JETT!!

  6. Brenda

    Yes, they are the “Terrific Twos” ….savor every moment with your babies! Jett-Man, you rock! Happy 2nd Birthday! Love ya bunches!

  7. Angela

    I so look forward to your blogs about your life and children. Thanks for sharing Jett’s past year with us.

  8. Jett thanks you all for the birthday wishes! I mean, he didn’t actually say “thank you.” But, I’m pretty sure his heart was gushing thankfulness. I’m sure thankful for all of you who oblige me in chronicling the journey of motherhood….among other things.

  9. Linda

    Dusty, I missed the whole Jett birthday thing. However, I love the blog. What a wonderful way for a Mamma to honor her child. Leah shares with me the preciousness of all your children and I am blessed by that. My whole life all I wanted to do was get married and have a family. We sacrificed much, but I poured everything I had into raising my girls!!! I pray that this generation of parents will learn to appreciate their babies and endeavor to pour their hearts and souls into their little lives as well as exemplifying the love of their Lord Jesus Christ. I believe, my dear, you’ve got a great start! Thanks for sharing your heart!

  10. Dusty, You are so right. These are the most wonderful years you will have with him. Enjoy them as you go through them with him. They get more special as they go. Believe me! I never wanted to miss a thing ever. A love like that does not come along often. So grab it with both hands and hold on to every moment. You are a very blessed women in more ways than one.
    Love you girl ! They are all very special.

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