Big Mama Says We Talk Too Much.

Yesterday afternoon, I found myself in my kitchen singing the words to “You Are Good.”  These lyrics rang through my head until nighttime:

Your kindness leads me to repentance
Your goodness draws me to Your side
Your mercy calls me to be like You
Your favor is my delight
Every day, I’ll awaken my praise
And pour out a song from my heart.

Romans 2:4 says, “Don’t you see how wonderfully kind, tolerant, and patient God is with you?  Does this mean nothing to you?  Can’t you see that his kindness is intended to turn you from your sin?”

It’s His kindness that leads us to repentance.  It’s His goodness that draws us.

My translation:  Stop judging and be so dang intolerant of other people.  God uses kindness, sweet words, and forgiveness to transform our own lives into something beautiful.

When people disappoint us….

When people don’t live up to our expectations….

Fill in the gap of your expectation of someone and what that someone actually does with kindness and forgiveness.

Even with your spouse.

Give him or her the benefit of the doubt.  When has expressing your disappointment with your spouse EVER worked?  There is a definite time and place for healthy communication.  Healthy.  There is also a time to keep your mouth shut.

I remember being aggravated with Kris once for not taking care of something before he left for a trip.  I was so stinking mad.  I picked up the phone to call him and tell him exactly how I felt about his oversight.

Fortunately for Kris, Big Mama was at my house.

“Talk, talk, talk. That’s the trouble with young people.  They think they need to talk everything out.  Sometimes, you just need to keep your mouth shut.  Put the phone down, and just forgive him.”

I’m pretty sure filling in the gap with forgiveness and a closed mouth did more for my marriage than that phone call would’ve done.

Trying to bring conviction to someone’s life never goes the way we think it will.  But kindness will always bring about effectual change.   And often times, our kindness towards others changes US.

It’s how God functions.   And, since we are of God….created in His image….isn’t it how we should function?

I am so thankful for His patience.  For His love.  For His mercy.

And, so thankful that His mercy calls us to be like Him.  Because, His ways are truly better.


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8 responses to “Big Mama Says We Talk Too Much.

  1. IvarTakle

    I sure do LOVE Big Momma 🙂

  2. Big Mama is a WISE Woman…<3 ❤ ❤ her…and you can tell her

  3. sue kap

    Leave it to Big Mama to remind us all. I was just getting ready to send a cynical text to someone who didn’t follow through but I’m not. Let him figure it out and let me forgive. Good message today.

  4. Brenda

    Be Still and Know HE is God! Psalms 46:10 The “Still’ also means to be silent….that is the hard part! Love Big MAMA!

  5. Amy Edwards

    I was just thinking about you this morning and how I would love to read a blog post from you. Thanks for the words of wisdom… I’m sure I needed it. 🙂

  6. Peggy Anderson

    It is so hard to “shut your mouth”! Our “response” is so hard to control, but sure does work out better when we do. Its so hard to “catch” ourself judging, and to delay the gratification of spouting off at the mouth! If we could all could just heed this warning!
    Just turned 60, and still having to “learn” this, over and over
    Thanks Dusty!
    Thanks Big Mama!

  7. Melanie Cook

    As always, you hit it outta the park! Love Big Mama’s wisdom, and your way with words!

  8. Angela

    Thanks for the reminder!!!

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