And the soul felt its worth.

'Til He appear'd and the soul felt its worth. – Oh Holy Night


Out of nowhere, she walked into the kitchen while I was preoccupied cleaning countertops and focusing on those other kitchen duties that seem to win my attention all too often.


“You know when we say 'I am who God says I am?'”


Without looking up, I shook my head yes.


“It's the same as saying 'God is who He says He is.' Because, He is I Am. You know, the I Am that I Am. So, if saying 'I am who God says I am' is the same as saying 'God is who He says He is,' then I am also who God says HE is.”


She had my attention now.


“Anna Takle, yes. Yes, yes, yes. YOU are who God says HE is.”


It's in that moment, her soul felt its worth.


Everything God says He is, you are. For you were created in HIS image.


So, you are light. You are love. You are holy.


Go be who you already are. Be God in someone's life.


And, may YOUR soul feel it's worth this season.




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7 responses to “And the soul felt its worth.

  1. Sue Kap

    What a beautiful soul.

  2. This is remarkable. That’s one of my favorite songs and lines in that song! So anointed!!!!! I’m glad I clicked on your link. Following you today!

  3. Ralph Martin

    And through the “mouths of babe” shall the Revelation of Light comes to us adults so we can shout YES I see it….. Awe-Men

  4. Diane G. Green

    I just love her free spirit…free to enjoy all that she is in Christ!
    Forever becoming who I already am…Diane G. Green!

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