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Let’s just call this a mental detox Monday.

After last week’s emotional roller coaster of writing, I decided to lighten it up a bit this week….or at least, today. 

On that note, here is one of my favorite pictures I’ve taken recently.


This four-legged cutie lives on Kris’ family farm.  I’m really not sure why his dad thought goats would be a beneficial addition to the cows and whatnots, but I kind of like them.  From a distance. 

 One day, I’m going to live on a farm, home-school my children, live off the land, and have my own flock of sheep.  I will shear the sheep and make shearling slippers.  I will sell my slippers and retire.

It could happen.

Or not.

On another note, our weekend was a good one.  We went to the 11:30 service on Sunday, and I left heavy hearted.  More to come on that one whenever I’m up for it. 

What are you going to do one day?


What was your weekend highlight?


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