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Picking Up The Mantle

My dad is currently covering a series on the prophet, Elisha.  Here is a guy who had so much anointing in his dead bones that they revived another corpse that had been thrown into his tomb.  (2 Kings 13:21)   That’s kind of a big deal.  I mean, what do you have to do to die and leave this kind of anointing behind?  According to the life of Elisha, you have to serve in another man’s field – the way he did for Elijah.  You have to seek this kind of anointing with your own blood, sweat, and tears the way Elisha did.  And, you have to be willing to pick up the mantle God places on you.  Or, in some cases, pick up the mantle when it’s passed onto you. 

I emphasize “when”, because I see so many men and women in ministry itching to pick up a mantle that hasn’t even been passed to them instead of picking up a mantle that God already placed inside them long ago.  Good examples of “when” are the Joel Osteens, Ed Youngs, and Andy Stanleys of the world who had fathers to pass on their mantle. 

The fact of the matter is, God has given each of us a mantle – a calling.  We can run our entire lives and never pick it up.  God won’t give it to someone else, but He’ll certainly allow someone else to operate in your place.  Someone may wait until the latter years of his life to pick up his mantle.  Another may never pick up hers.  Others, from an early age, will pick theirs up and begin operating in it the way God intended. 

Elisha wasn’t below serving in another man’s field.  He gave his life to doing the work of the Father, even when it made sense to do otherwise.  And, when the mantle fell, he picked it up with obedience and fulfilled the call of God on his life.

What would the scriptures look like had Elisha not been obedient?  What would have that next generation looked like?  It’s a scary thought.

What will this generation look like if we don’t pick up our mantles and operate in the gifts and callings Christ has given us? 

There is a mantle lying on the ground waiting for you to pick it up.  God has given you a gift to use for His Kingdom.  So, when you leave this earth, your anointing remains and affects another generation. 

Have you picked up your mantle?


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