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Do You Trust Your Heart?

Anna has been talking a lot about God lately.  And, asking a whole mess of questions.  Kris somehow diverted her attention the other day by teaching her the names of the bones in our legs and arms. 

“Okay.  I don’t want to talk about bones anymore,” she told him.

Kris’ interruption of a bone discussion has nothing to do with this post or the fact that Anna has been talking Jesus.  I just found it kind of funny.

I’ve noticed Anna saying repetitively, “God trusts our heart.”

I haven’t the, well, heart, to tell her that’s not really the case. 

The old adage, “follow your heart” isn’t really good advice.  If I’m honest.

Our heart can make us do CRAZY things.  We can follow our hearts right into adultery.  Right into questionable situations.  Right into a MESS.  Can I get an amen?

Cindy Beall wrote a great post on this very topic.  She referenced this Proverbs 4:23 scripture:

Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.

Not only should we guard our heart, we need to LEAD our heart.  My heart can tell me that I have inappropriate feelings for another man.  Do I follow that?  Or do I lead my heart based on what God says about those feelings? 

So, I try to first guard my heart against things that aren’t of God.  Then, I lead it accordingly.

I’m not exactly explaining this to Anna just yet.  For now, I’ll just nod and say, “Uh huh.”  But, I’ll certainly teach her this principle before she enters her teen years and some dingleberry guy attempts to capture her attention.

Then, I’ll remind her, “Lead your heart, Miss Takle.” 

And, it’s highly doubtful that her daddy will change the subject to bones then.


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