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New Book. New Thought.

After my doctor’s appointment yesterday checking up on the littlest Takle, I had an hour or so to spare.   Barnes and Noble sounded more than appealing.  And quiet.  And they had a book waiting for me with my name on it. 

Not to mention some hot chocolate at the Café.  

Cindy Beall has been talking a lot about the book, “Leading On Empty.”  Wayne Cordeiro wrote the book with leaders in mind; however, it’s an incredible book for moms, dads, college students, doctors, garbage collectors…..


Wayne Cordeiro suffered from burn-out, and he shares his journey on “refilling (his) tank and renewing (his) passion.”  And, we are all susceptible to burn-out.

I’ll share more on the book once I finish it.  But, I’m really excited about the read. 

One statement in the introduction Cordeiro writes is, “Suffering will change us, but not necessarily for the better.  We have to choose that.  And it was that choosing that made all the difference for me.”

Many of us have experienced suffering on some level.  For me, my divorce was just that.  But, I didn’t become defined by my divorce.  I’m not “Dusty, the divorced chick.”

I am “Dusty, the restored, wife, mother, and child of God.” 

So, if you’re going through the fire right this moment, choose to let it change you for the better. 

And, on that note, have a great weekend!


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