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Dancing In the Sun with High Blood Pressure. (The Lamest Title Yet.)

Sorry, y’all, I didn’t post yesterday.  I thought I might be dying of the high blood pressure.  Okay, I really didn’t think I was dying.  But, I was like, “What the?  I’m only a mere babe!”  Rightttt.

I know people who know people who know people, so I got into the doctor ASAP.  The doc was like, “That’s high.”  Then, he said some other really smart things that doctors say.  The good doctor put me on some diuretic that should deplete my body of salt and such…the such being potassium, my nurse cousin has told me.  Good news is I may lose a pound or three.  Of water.  Whatev’.  I blame the Reverend and Big Mama for these genetics.  Of course, Big Mama is almost 92 and smarter and sweeter than ever.  I’ll take the high BP if I can be chillin’ like her 55 years from now.

Other good news is that I can now explain away shopping (a.k.a. retail THERAPY) and frequent massages as stress-reducing, blood pressure lowering necessities.  It’s the same as a really expensive prescription.  And, I also tend to make jokes with things that may or may not be serious, because, that’s just what I do.  With all of you. 

It’s my momma I cry to. 

For real. 

In more exciting news.

I attended the Sundance Film Festival in Park City this past weekend with my foxy pilot.  I did feel a wee bit like, well, like crap, while there due to a constant headache that was fueled by…high blood pressure?  Anyhoo.  I still had fun, nonetheless.   Because, I was among the stars, people.  And, that’s what you do.

Susan Sarandon was at baggage claim with me.  She acted like she didn’t even know me. 

Here’s how it plays out.  You stand in line for an hour.  You enter a theater and the film is usually introduced by the director.  After viewing the film, the cast enters the stage for a little Q and A.  It’s very cool.  I shan’t lie.  Our first film of the festival was The Future.  A cat narrated parts of the film.  It. Was. Odd.  I did laugh out loud in some parts.  I caught wind of Kris telling a fellow Sundancer that the movie was “artistic.”  In other words, it sucked.  (Sorry, Mom.) 

The next film featured Paul Giamatti.  I have always loved him as an actor.  The film was called Win Win.  Great movie.  Paul?  I’m not gonna lie.  He’s an odd one.  I suppose the brilliant ones are?  No?  Well, he most certainly acted like he didn’t even know me.  The nerve.

Absolute favorite movie of the weekend was The Music Never Stopped.  J.K. Simmons and Lou Taylor Pucci starred alongside Julia Ormond, who just so happened to wear the most awesome boots ever.  So awesome, that even Kris Takle said, “Now those are some really cute boots.”  And, yes.  I am most certain he said BOOTS.  Gah.  For the record, I had never heard the name J.K. Simmons.  He just happens to be one of those actors that you don’t know his name but recognize his face.  He totally acted like he knew me.  And everyone else there.  Super friendly guy.  I like him and shall keep up with his career because of how he embraced his audience. 

I have experienced things in life where I thought, “Alright.  Been there, done that.”  But Sundance?  I will go every opportunity I get.  Even if I’m not one of those artsy-type people who talked about the “poetic expression” of some movie while standing in line.  I, on the other hand, used words like, “that was so freakin’ cool!”  I know.  I am so sophisticated. 

I’ll leave you with a few pics from Sundance.  Have a great day, friends.


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Maude And Ethel.

This weekend, I enjoyed a movie with a really fun date – my Mom.  She’s even more fun because she buys my ticket.  She would’ve even bought my Junior Mints, but I didn’t really want to indulge.  Swear.  I snuck in my own water, too, because I’m a rebel.  I know, the streets, they fear me.

Movie?  The Proposal

Laughs?  Many.

But, what accounted for most of the hilarity were the two elderly women who sat beside me.  When (let’s call them Maude and Ethel) first entered the theater, I saw them in search for two free seats.  Mom and I had commandeered the best seats in the house.  My purse was resting on the seat to my left leaving only one free seat.  And, we all know the unspoken rule that there is always a seat between you and a stranger. 

I began to feel a little compassion for Maude and Ethel, so I broke the unspoken rule and removed my purse. 

“You can both sit here,” I told them, feeling pretty good about my overt sweetness.  Okay, perhaps “overt sweetness” is a stretch.  But, I did break the skip a seat rule.  And, that’s somethin’.

Right before the movie began I heard Maude and Ethel just a gibberin’ back and forth.  A gibber here.  A snicker there.  And, they weren’t ashamed of their vocal volume.  I leaned over to Mom, and told her, “Ya know, you try to do a good deed, then BAM – Maude and Ethel just won’t pipe down. 

And, they didn’t for the entire movie.

It was like going to a movie with my late Great Aunt Mabel.  Great Aunt Mabel was loud and followed up every statement with “I ain’t got no reason to lie,” which made me think she was really always lying.

But, this isn’t about Great Aunt Mabel.  No.  This story is about Maude and Ethel.

So, Maude and Ethel commented, sighed, and even groaned the entire movie.  The groaning was even more evident when Ryan Reynolds’ bare skin covered the screen.  And, when Sandra Bullock stood up in her Christian Louboutins without grabbing hold to something for balance, Maude shouted, “Ooohhh, I could never do that.”

In the end, I heard Ethel say, “Oh my gosh, I’m cryin!”

And, I was crying, too.  From laughing so terribly hard.  ‘Cause between Betty White and Maude and Ethel, you’ll have your mascara running in no time.  Thank goodness Maude brought her handkerchief.

So, yes.  I say go see the movie.  And, if you can take Maude and Ethel with you, it’ll make it all the more entertaining.


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The Friday Five

Five things you should try, buy, watch, read and enjoy this summer:

  1. Try Maurine’s Salsa.
    1 28 oz. can whole tomatoes
    1 tbs. jalapenos from a jar
    1 tbs. jalapeno liquid (or as much as you like)
    1 can green chiles
    8 green onions
    12-14 springs cilantro (adjust as you like)
    1 fresh tomato
    1 tsp. garlic salt (plus a little more)
    dash of white pepper     Put all ingredients in a food processor/blender.  Voila!
  2. Girls, buy these metallic flip flops from Old Navy.  I am wearing the gold version with everything this summer.  And, the best part?  They are only $5.  Sa-weet.

    Guys, buy Men’s Health magazine.  It appears to be the most comprehensive and informative magazine out there for men.  Unless, of course, you are like Kris – in which case if it doesn’t have propellers or a turbine-powered engine on the front, it is useless.  But, I do sneak one in the bathroom whenever possible.

  3. Watch Dan In Real Life.  No, you won’t find any spiritual significance or a heightened sense of self-awareness – or maybe you will.  But, I found it a well done film.
  4. Read Marley & Me: Life and Love with World’s Worst Dog by John Grogan if you haven’t already.  I was a late bloomer on this one.  I’m about to begin reading In the Grip of Grace by Max Lucado.  I think it’s going to be a good one.  Of course, what doesn’t Lucado write well?
  5. Enjoy a summer sunset with friends or the sprinker with your kids (unless you are in Georgia and under the enforcement of a water ban.)  Take an opportunity to experience life with those you love.

“Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass on a summer day listening to the murmur of water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is hardly a waste of time. “  – John Lubbock


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