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She Will As Soon As She Finishes Her Puzzle.

Had I typed a single word last night, it would have simply been “nauseated.”  Just as I was beginning to get over this ugly, ugly word, it resurfaced like that bitter, old aunt who won’t go back home fast enough.  I attempt to remind myself that of the miracle growing inside of me.  But, instead, I glare at my husband, because this is clearly his fault. 

I wake up this morning, and eat a piece of toast with raspberry preserves and drink a little caffeine free coke.  I feel better.  For now.  So, perhaps, now I can write something that won’t sound so, well, bitter?  Yes.

Here is our latest issue in parenting.  It concerns our funny and determined four year old.  Surprised?  I didn’t think so.  Anna has a reason for everything.  EVERYTHING.  You can also ask her to do something, and she has her very own way of getting to the task.  For example, Kris asked her to go put her shoes on.  She first puts on her skate, because she plans to skate to her room to where her shoes are. 

I got this.

Kris didn’t.

She had a talkin’ to.

I privately explained to Kris that her intent was to skate to her room, then she’d obey his instruction.  Kris explained to me that she should obey right away without excuse or delay.

I tend to agree.  But, it sure is hard, because really?  She has some pretty valid explanations.  I mean, wouldn’t you rather skate to your room than walk like normal people?  So, Kris, er, we, have been cracking down on her delayed obedience.  He’s right in doing so.  I just get her. 

Perhaps, I see myself in her little four-year old body? 

But still.  Delayed obedience really isn’t obedience is it?  Parenting is tough.  Especially when those funny girls are just so dang cute.

You can relate, yes?


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