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The Negotiator


Living with us is one little girl with some mad negotiating skills.  We have to stand our ground – all tough-like.  Anna, ahem, Angel can explain her way out of and into a lot. 

But, we’re onto her.

And her subtly cunning nature.

Take last night for example.  She futility attempted to talk her dad into letting her watch a movie while she “falls asleep.”  Yeah.  Whatev’. 

Enters Mom.  Before I begin her bedtime prayers, she says to Kris, “Dad, could you step into the hall, please?”  In other words, can you get out so I can usurp your authority by asking mom what you just said no to?  Or something like that.

Do you have a negotiator or sly one?  {Or not so sly in this case.}
How do you handle their attempts at negotiation?


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