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Conversations with Anna.

Let’s keep the next few Fridays a little light-hearted, shall we?  We shall, we shall.  With a Friday title such as “Conversations with Anna”, I don’t think we have a choice really.  I journaled many conversations and situations with the one and only Anna Takle while on my blogging hiatus.  I just hated for it not to be penned permanently.

We’ll call this conversation “Conversation Obama.”  Why do I feel like I’ve lost readers already?


We fly a lot. I am married to a pilot, after all.  I’ve pretty much mastered the art of occupying my children while in flight with books, games, activities and such.  Well, mastered up until Anna breaks out into…being Anna. 

Scene:  John Henry is drawing a picture of a man.

John Henry:  “It’s a president.  I’ll give you a hint.  He’s on the quarter.”

Anna:  “George Washington!”

John Henry:  “Yes!”

Anna:  “Wait.  But, George Washington has fluffy hair.  This man does not have fluffy hair.”


Me:  “Okay kids, who is on the penny?”

Anna:  “Obama!!!”

Yes, we still have a little way to go on learning our country’s presidents.  But, she did know that Lincoln was our sixteenth president.  And, well, that is something. 

Hail to the Chief.

And, Happy Birthday to my momma.  She’s never been a president.  But she loves me and keeps ALL of my youngins.  So, she wins.

Love you @bcgoss.


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