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My Beautiful Core-Ray-Shuns.

JH - Anna 2006 wp

It’s funny how we notice the mispronunciations of words our children make, but hardly notice when they start pronouncing them correctly.  Kind of like when Anna used to call a chip a “bip.”  When did that stop?

I miss that.

Presently, John Henry still pronounces “important” as “import-nant.” 

I don’t correct him.  Not like I used to.  It’s the last bit of little boy left in him. 

And, I hope Anna continues to pronounce “created” as “core-rated.” 

It makes me smile every time she says, “God core-rated everything.”

Learning about helping others in her pre-school class, she had to tell her teacher something she helps do.  Her answer?  “I help my dad put chalk by the airplane.” 

They are actually called chocks.  But, we won’t dare correct her.

What does or did your little one mispronounce that always makes you smile?


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