My Beautiful Core-Ray-Shuns.

JH - Anna 2006 wp

It’s funny how we notice the mispronunciations of words our children make, but hardly notice when they start pronouncing them correctly.  Kind of like when Anna used to call a chip a “bip.”  When did that stop?

I miss that.

Presently, John Henry still pronounces “important” as “import-nant.” 

I don’t correct him.  Not like I used to.  It’s the last bit of little boy left in him. 

And, I hope Anna continues to pronounce “created” as “core-rated.” 

It makes me smile every time she says, “God core-rated everything.”

Learning about helping others in her pre-school class, she had to tell her teacher something she helps do.  Her answer?  “I help my dad put chalk by the airplane.” 

They are actually called chocks.  But, we won’t dare correct her.

What does or did your little one mispronounce that always makes you smile?


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16 responses to “My Beautiful Core-Ray-Shuns.

  1. My seven year old son still says “ably”. As in, “Will I be ably to do that?” I still think to myself, “I should correct that.” But it’s just so darn cute!

  2. “Porka-potty” for Porta-potty….

    We all call it the porka-potty now….its fun to say 🙂

  3. Amanda Morgan

    When Molly (the 2yo) says “yep” it comes out “dep”, and Marcus, now almost 8, use to ask for chocolate nook instead of milk. We still call it nook.

  4. michele mathias

    Melissa’s daughter couldn’t pronounce plastic…she would say..”plaskick”and she would say”I can’t know how to stop crying” instead of I can’t stop crying…and twinkle , twinkle little star was “upa upa upa so high” instead of up above the world so high…Oh how I miss those days..Especially, considering she is almost 13 now and we would love to have those days back…

  5. Julie

    Anna said (and still kinda says) bullington board instead of bulletin board, debil instead of devil and crystal long cried when she quit pronouncing crystal kikle (wow … couldn’t figure out how to spell that AT ALL).

  6. Falon

    what about 2 yr old Anna’s version of “Chicken Little?” That was the cutest thing ever!

  7. Mom

    Ummm, Dusty couldn’t pronounce her G’s so her Grandparents were Drandmama & Dranddady!
    Memba that baby girl? and I love the way Anna still says John Henry’s name as “Johnry” Love it!

  8. Wendy

    Nicole (my now 25 yr old) used to call hamburgers hangumbers and peanut butter – peanut-buddy and Kelci use to call a lizard – shu-shu…not where it came from, but we loved it! She also called the Anthony (the blue Wiggle) Antony Blue – I do miss those mispronounced words too.

  9. Jaelyn calls pancakes pan-a-cakes. She also says hamboogers…ha! I love the pan-a-cakes. Makes me smile!

  10. Gailynn

    Our oldest son used to say “aggerlies” for allergy and our oldest daughter used to say “soft” instead of smooth. She said the Rocks at Ruby Falls were soft… as she rubbed the walls all the way through the cave. I shared that with the owners and got four tickets to take her back.

    Our youngest daughter used to call Mrs. Judy, Mrs. Church…..

    I do miss those baby days…….

  11. Peggy

    Ashlyn says when her nose is stopped up that her “nose is hogged-up”.
    My favorite is my own baby girl when she was about 3 and listen to fisher price records was a song “Froggy went a’ courtin’ on a nice spring day, uh-huh”, but to Laurel, it was…’on an ice cream day, uh-huh, uh-huh’.
    Later on she learned the 50 states, alphabetically, to music and in-between some states the song would say ‘now let’s see’. That was a 51st state “Nelessee”.

  12. My 5yo says “what” when he should say “that”.

    He also says “buh-tin” for button and “impor-ent” for important.

    He used to say “f***” for truck. It was a sad day when the fire f*** days were over.


  13. renice

    Maddy couldn’t say ar, er, ir, or, or ur…she substituted with the long o vowel sound. She would wear shotes and a shote, instead of shorts and a shirt. She went to choche, instead of church. She would cry when she got hote. My favorite thing she said was ash-lie for eyelash. She still says callapitter for catapillar and strimp for shrimp.

  14. Heather Head

    My daughters and niece tell us all the time they don’t want to be on “rescription.” When Madison was little she would call her daddy “uncle brandon” because my niece and nephew did.

  15. Audra Smalley

    Emory says butt-year for Buzz Light Year. Makes me laugh everyone time!

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