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Pippi Longstocking called. She wants her socks back.

Here we are again.  I wish I had some life-changing wisdom to share.

I’ve been too focused on proving improving my baking skills to learn any life lessons.  Especially after all of your encouraging comments from yesterday’s post. 

No, really.  I feel the love.

I even invited my friend, Lance, over to try some tasty confections….well, spaghetti.  He gave some lame excuse about being too busy hanging out with Bill Hybels.  I suppose tomorrow he’ll be dining with Bono.

I did re-dedicate Anna to the Lord yesterday.  After I saw THIS.

“Lord, she is yours.  Use her.  Mold her.”

Granted, I purchased those socks.  However, they certainly were not meant to accessorize corduroy CAPRIS. 

Watch out Project Runway.

John Henry’s Kindergarten experience is going quite well.  He won the desperately sought after “Respect Award” for his school.  ‘Cause that’s how we roll.

Well, I’ve bragged on Anna’s ever-progressing appreciation for the fashion industry and John Henry’s impeccable manners.  It’s your turn.

Go ahead.  Brag on your bundles of joy.  It’s Fall for crying out loud. (And Sting’s birthday.) 



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