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Wish I Had A Clever Title For This Post.

I asked Kris last night if he’d guest blog today.  His creative juices were just all dried up after slaving in the kitchen all day.  Seriously.  All. Day.  He cooked lunch and dinner, and he made another batch of these sinful pastries in between:

Cinnamon rolls wp

Sorry ladies, he’s taken. 

Sooo, ya got me today.  Surprised?  I thought not.  It is my blog. 

Our weekend consisted of soccer games, church, cinnamon roll consumption, and lounging in PJ’s all day on Sunday.  Anna head-butted the same boy for a third time during her game.  Kris politely suggested to her coach that he not put the two of them on the field at the same time.  Kris also seems to think Anna isn’t getting enough play time on the field.  (Which, I’m pretty sure she’s getting equal time to her other teammates, but Kris lives in Daddyville.)  He expressed this to her coach as well.  “She is little domineering and intense on the field,” her coach responded.

Domineering?  My four year old?


In better news, Anna has been wearing undies to school every day.  And, that’s somethin’, right?  We’ve also recovered from her using her “hitting hands” at school.  Oh, wait.  Did I fail to share that one?  Her teacher called a couple of weeks ago to inform us Anna was using her “hitting hands.” 

“Anna, who are you hitting at school?”  I asked her.

After naming one boy, she concludes with “And a bunch of other people.  I don’t know their names.”


Kris and I did the appropriate sit down, talk it out, and work it out with her on the issue of “hitting hands.”  We are pleased to announce the Spirit has set her free. 

So far.

That’s our weekend and Anna Takle update.

Now to you!


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Pippi Longstocking called. She wants her socks back.

Here we are again.  I wish I had some life-changing wisdom to share.

I’ve been too focused on proving improving my baking skills to learn any life lessons.  Especially after all of your encouraging comments from yesterday’s post. 

No, really.  I feel the love.

I even invited my friend, Lance, over to try some tasty confections….well, spaghetti.  He gave some lame excuse about being too busy hanging out with Bill Hybels.  I suppose tomorrow he’ll be dining with Bono.

I did re-dedicate Anna to the Lord yesterday.  After I saw THIS.

“Lord, she is yours.  Use her.  Mold her.”

Granted, I purchased those socks.  However, they certainly were not meant to accessorize corduroy CAPRIS. 

Watch out Project Runway.

John Henry’s Kindergarten experience is going quite well.  He won the desperately sought after “Respect Award” for his school.  ‘Cause that’s how we roll.

Well, I’ve bragged on Anna’s ever-progressing appreciation for the fashion industry and John Henry’s impeccable manners.  It’s your turn.

Go ahead.  Brag on your bundles of joy.  It’s Fall for crying out loud. (And Sting’s birthday.) 



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Shot to the heart.

It’s no secret that I don’t shine in the kitchen.  But, when John Henry told me this, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Me:  John Henry, do you want me to make your Transformers birthday cake?

John Henry:  Can you?

Me:  I can try.

John Henry:  Well.  Okay, but get daddy to help you.  He’s good at making stuff.

It’s as if he’s never tasted my Kraft mac & cheese.

Of course, my cake would probably end up posted here.

I’ve had the pleasure to attend a bible study on Tuesday mornings with some really cool ladies.  She, like, makes breakfast treats for us from scratch.  Then, she brought cute, little homemade muffins this past Tuesday.  I hope they all still love me when I pick up bagels from the bagel shop one day.  ‘Cause they will be bought with love.  Just like Christ bought us with love.  Not to compare purchasing breakfast items with God’s redemption of mankind.  Anyhoo.

How are your skills in the kitchen?  Wanna share a favorite cool weather meal, treat, or recipe?


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Talk about taking the cake!

My friend, Jennifer Doss, takes the cake.  No, really.  She does!  Her business is cleverly called, “She Takes the Cake”, and boy does she ever.  So, if you are livin’ in the metro Atlanta area, and want some tasty treats, let me know.  I can hook you up. 

Now, my other friend, Jennifer – this Jennifer – sent this link to me yesterday.  There is a blog totally dedicated to cakes gone bad….really bad.  It provided quite the entertainment for me yesterday.  I think you’ll find that it does the same for you.

Enjoy.  It’s worth the click.


Have you ever had a baking project go bad?


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