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Revelations and Resolutions.


– I can gain weight faster than I can lose it.

– Plans change, but God is still in control.

– I love being a momma.  Love it.

– Marriage can be tricky.  Time alone with my husband does wonders.

– Anna’s fashion skills are evolving.  Just not sure what they are evolving into.

– I use the word “ridiculous” a lot. 

– It’s ridiculous how windy Oklahoma is.

– There is no problem chips and queso can’t cure.  At least, for a moment.

– John Henry has a heart after God.

– American Idol is the best thing on television.

– His mercies are still new every morning.

– Sometimes, I’m a monster.  According to Anna.

– Bratz dolls are ugly.

– It’s the small stuff.  The small stuff.

– Always check John Henry’s pockets before going through airport security.  Check again.

– Anna’s bedtime prayers are some of my favorite moments.

– Taking cheap shots at your spouse is so uncool.

– I have days that I doubt.

– But, God still parts the Red Sea.

– It’s amazing how many turtles one can trap.

– I have precious friends.

The Lord is my strength and my song; he has given me victory…. Exodus 15:2



– Put more of my worries into the “God box.”

– Give more.  And more.  And more.  Until it hurts.

– Encourage John Henry more.

– Become more aware of God’s presence in my life.

– Anna’s spunk and creativity are God-given.  I want to embrace it more.

– Organize my family photos.  Finally.

– Spend less time on the computer.

– Read more.

– Have more sex.  There.  I said it.  You’re welcome, KT.

– Write more.

– Call people I normally don’t call.

– Have tea with Anna.

– Give each of my children one day where they choose every food and activity for the day.  Within reason.

– Look into Kris’ eyes an extra few seconds.

– Have more quiet time with God.

– Watch every episode of American Idol.

– Give John Henry more of me.

– Laugh harder.

– Surrender all of me to Him.

– Buy the 80G iPod. 

– Write a handwritten letter.

– Be more attentive to the whispers.

– Be more careful with my words.

– Listen to my friends.  Really listen.

– Love.

– Love.

– Love.


What are your revelations and/or resolutions?  Come on.  Share one.  Share them all!


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