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Sometimes, I need a kick in the booty.

There are days I get so wrapped up in myself, it’s disgusting. 

I spent the greater part of yesterday afternoon stressing – yes, stressing – over airline tickets for Disney World and at which resort to stay.  Disney World, people.  During my self-absorbed time where I was my main focus, my friend was at the doctor worried about her young son. 

After she e-mailed me an update on her precious little boy, I put all of my stuff aside and prayed.  Suddenly my stuff, my stress became so trivial.  My obsession over me made me sick.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  Ain’t no shame in spending time with Mickey Mouse and his friends.  If you don’t believe me, just ask this girl.  But, when we become so darn attentive on our wants and needs alone, we so miss God.

God has created us for His glory.  Not ours.  Right this very minute, I want more of Him and way less of me.  I want to be more in tune to what He wants.  And, He wants me to walk through this life in such a way that gives Him glory.  I do this by living beyond myself. 

Many times I think stress becomes selfish.  Because in it, we can forget God and His sovereignty.  Or, as in my case, we fail to recognize that others around us are having a really bad day.  Then, life jumps back into perspective.

I love how God can ever so gently nudge me sometimes and say, “Hey, Dusty, it’s not all about you.”

No Sir, it’s not.  He must become greater and greater, and I must become less and less.  John 3:30


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