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Treasure Hunting

I had quite the response after this post on saving money on my big, fat turkey.  Judy, my loyal commenter, requested that Kitty {treasure-hunter extraordinaire} share some of her treasure hunting secrets.  Judy isn’t playin’ when she comments.  Buh-lieve me. 


We can all learn a thing or two from Kitty on being frugal with our money.  Her intent on acquiring a bargain isn’t so she can hoard her money.  Quite the contrary.  It’s so she has more money to give.  But, that’s an entirely different post.  So, without further ado, I give you Kitty Grubbs.


As most of the local friends know….Joey and I lovvvvvvvvvvve a good bargain!  We shop high and low (sometimes very low) to find the best buys on food, restaurants, home decor and clothes!  Joey has recently accused me of making ridiculous offers (much to Kristen’s embarrassment.)  But, I usually get the item I want for the price I want.  One of my proudest moments lately was over hearing Bobbi Jo [a family friend] make a half price offer at a yard sale!  And she got the prize!  My sister recently acquired a great coverlet set and beautiful pillows ($5) from my yard sale stash.  My recliner in my living room ($40) was one of our great finds recently, along with my new water feature ($5) for my porch. 


Aside from yard sales, we hop over to RiteAid for FREEBATES (items you purchase and are reimbursed the full price for!!) We also use RiteAid’s free cards that give you discounts on the first Tuesday of the month and a 15% discount on their brands every day.  They are also having a special right now where you get a free $30 gift card for every prescription you transfer to their pharmacy.  I got $150 in free gift cards!  Check out RiteAid online for all of these great deals.  CVS and Walgreens also offer free items to get you in their stores.  

I shop all of the grocery ads online.  I buy ALL of my meat on sale and put it in the freezer.  I recently found 80% lean ground chuck on sale at Ingle’s for around $1 per pound.  I called all the locals and we stocked up on ground chuck. I browned 15 pounds of ground chuck, put it in 1 pound bags then straight into the freezer.  This way, I just pull them out for chili, spaghetti, tacos, soup, etc.


I also shop CouponMom.com for coupons.  I love their restaurant coupons they put on sale.  I recently acquired a $25 coupon for DAILEY’S for two.  Joey and I had a great evening out!  (Thanks, Sharon for telling me about this website.)  I am also big on bartering for services, and I LOVE to shop for others.  People always let us know what they need, and we often find it.  Speaking of which:  I ALWAYS send out an email when I need something for around the house.  Somebody probably has what you need and would be glad for you to use it!  I recently needed to make some big purchases at Lowe’s and I sent out a “HELP” for a coupon!!  My friend, Jeff Williams, had one and he let me have it!  Saved me $25!!


Anyway, I obviously could go on and on and on.  Hope you learned something!


I sure did.  Thanks, Kitty!  I’m actually treasure hunting this weekend myself.  I am hoping to find a nightstand for John Henry’s room.  I figure if I stare at Kristen’s blog photos long enough, her talent will jump on me, and I’ll have that sucker looking fantastic in no time.


For more deals, hop on over to Christi’s 2 Cents.


Happy Hunting!




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