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Transcendent Moments

I’ll never forget attending the Arts Conference at Willow Creek in 2002.  I was pregnant with John Henry at the time.  But, the flutters I felt in my expanding belly were more than just the little guy growing.  The entire experience was amazing.  However, two statements made by the great Nancy Beach have stayed with me.  One was “Never underestimate the power of transcendent moments.”

The Willow Creek website reads,

“Today’s spiritually searching culture is less inclined than ever to attend church.  Yet no time of the week is filled with more life-changing potential than Sunday morning.”

It is so easy to get caught up in life’s daily responsibilities and use Sunday as a day to recover by sleeping in – and missing church in the process.  Why is it that we are more likely to give up the Sunday experience than a soccer game?  Believe me.  I’m writing this post to myself as well.  But, I know the power of experiencing that transcendent moment.   Being with the body of Christ can provide that opportunity.

Yesterday was no different.  It would have been easy to scrap the whole going to church thing.  Anna decided to hide from me.  For.A.Long.Time.  I searched outside.  I searched inside.  I did the “I’m gonna count to three, and if you don’t come out…..”  Well, you know what I said.  Still, no Anna.  Finally, I set her up. 

“Okay, John Henry, let’s leave Anna here.”

“Rrrraaaggghhh!!!!”  Anna yelled.  From behind the couch.  Covered in blankets and pillows. 

She immediately prayed the Lord would be with her when I followed through with my warning. 

In spite of our hectic start to the LORD’S day, we made it.  And, I experienced that transcendent moment.  The transcendent moment is where a message connects to your heart.  Or a song moves your soul.  Or something happens that leaves you awestruck.  TRANSFORMED. 

It might be a moment of peace.  Or in my case, an hour of peace.  My children were under the care of someone else.  Now, that’s transcendence. 

You might experience a transcendent moment at a Broadway show or a Celine Dion concert.  Well, at least a few chicks will.  But no transcendent moment will transform your life like the one you experience in the house of God. 

It’s those moments that bring about life change.

When is the last time you experienced a transcendent moment?


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