The Pursuit of God.

We often hear about how we need to pursue Christ.  And, we do.  But, the other day I read this scripture in the New Living Translation, and I was blown away.

Surely your goodness and unfailing love will pursue me all the days of my life, and I will live in the house of the Lord forever.  Psalm 23:6

I’ve read and heard this scripture a gazillion times.  For real.  I’ve usually read other translations that read “will follow me” instead of “pursue”.  For all practical purposes, they both indicate the same thing, but the “pursue” really caught me off guard….in a good way.

How beautiful that the Creator of the Universe pursues you and I?  No where before or after this scripture does it say that it is conditional.  But, it does reveal that it is constant.  This amazes me.  Makes me wonder what would happen if I turned around and ran into Him.  I bet that upon the first breath that comes out of my mouth when I call His name, He immediately puts His nose to mine ready to listen.  I bet that if I’d sit silently and look intently back at Him, that He’d speak to me….maybe even reveal some sort of mystery. 

His pursuit is constant.  All the days of your life.  In terms of romance novels, this one beats all – except it isn’t fiction.

He is pursuing you and I right now.  I’m thinkin’ I need to slow down and spend some time with Jesus.  I’m thinkin’, maybe, I should turn around and run into His goodness and His love.  What about you?


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5 responses to “The Pursuit of God.

  1. Good!!! He is constant , I tend not to be. My hope is I will give ample time for His pursuit to change me and renew me!

  2. Great post! (found you from Scott William’s blog). Too many time I feel like I have to be the pursuer…I’m learning more and more to “just be” and allow Him to be God!

    Thanks for the reminder.

    (I have an Anna too!

  3. Amanda Morgan

    These days now, more than ever, I feel a hunger for God. I pray daily for Him to fill me up. Take me out of the equation and completely take over my life. Do His will with me and take the controls away from me. I am so ready to be pursued by something as glorious and unconditional as Him.

  4. Sharon

    Wow! How awesome is that! It is so great to know that His pursuit is unconditional and constant. If only our pursuit of Him was the same… can you imagine??

  5. Amy Hull Watson

    OK I know you might want to sit down for this but I DO feel him behind me at all times… But my problem is I want him to be beside me. See, I think that I try and try to much to make people happy and get let down when people don’t care as much about me as I do them. If I slowed down and stoped worring about that so much maybe God will be more by my side than trying to chase me to teach me that lesson…. And Dusty… You saying you should sit silently more .. UMM Well I will just pray for you honey.. HAHHAHAHA Cause not so sure that will happen anytime soon,but hey ya never know … J.K.

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