Women who have influenced me. (2 of 5)

Judy Young

Judy came into my life when I was only three years old.  Her daughter, Bonnie, has been my best friend since we were tots which pretty much crowns Judy as my second mom.  I’m sure she’s worn that crown proudly.  For real.

Judy has experienced everything with me from the loss of my first tooth to the birth of my firstborn.  She has cleaned up my messes, played games with me (this was no sacrifice – she loved to play more than I), watched me become mesmerized with Tinker Bell flying from atop of the Disney castle, and loved on me like her own.  All of this by itself is enough to make her shine in my life, but she has been more.

She believes big.  I mean really big.  Her faith is big.  She not only believes big for little ole’ me, but she believes big for the local church.  She loves the local church more than anyone I have ever known.  I have never, EVER heard her criticize the church.  She only speaks positive and powerful affirmations over the house of God.  You see, Judy believes that God really does live in the local church.  And, that’s just cool.  

She understands that God is truly in control.  And, she believes that the best is yet to come – always.

She’s called me many affectionate names over my lifetime, but for the past few years, she has come to call me “Grasshopper”.  She believes that God uses me and wants to continue to use me.  Oh, I get weekly e-mails where she gently pushes me into all that God has for me.  She dreams big and believes big. 

There is no one like her.   I’m beyond grateful that she has imparted to me the gift of BIG.  And, this little grasshopper loves her big.


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5 responses to “Women who have influenced me. (2 of 5)

  1. I have always heard great things about Judy, so, this doesn’t surprise me, that she is a huge influence in your life! Great write up! Bravo for Judy!

  2. Lance Young

    So I’m not doing this because my mother is making me… not at all. 🙂 However, I can truly say that Judy Young has had the greatest single impact on my life of any woman. I am the boy who was blessed to call her Mom, and Mom she was and still is. She was instrumental in helping me believe so many big things about myself, about life, and about the Church that she so dearly loves. I couldn’t really begin to express my gratitude or give her the honor she deserves. Just let me say, “I love you, Mom!”

  3. Oh Judy! Well let me make some comments. I have lived with this wonderful creature for over 40 years. She is a most wonderful creation of God. I have not figured out yet why God gave her to me and she loves me so much. She is beautiful. She is loving. She is giving and FORGIVING. She makes me happy every day of my life. She is a near picture of perfection. She is a true “help meet.” She loves Jesus and she loves his church (his people). Next to Jesus, she loves her children above all (close race). I wish I could draw a picture of her love for her grandchildren. Perhaps this image will help. Though miles away, and out of physical reach, she touches her grandchildren very frequently with the cursor of her computer (probably daily). It’s so sweet to watch. She opens their pictures and touches their faces by running her cursor all over their faces. She just wants to touch them. Hardly a day goes by that she does not talk to her children via cell, e-mail, or some way. She is an amazing woman and I am a blessed man because of her. I agree with Dusty. She is one of a kind. She is a special creation of God. I know she has been special in your life, Dusty. So, imagine how special she is in my life. I love my wife.

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