Talk about taking the cake!

My friend, Jennifer Doss, takes the cake.  No, really.  She does!  Her business is cleverly called, “She Takes the Cake”, and boy does she ever.  So, if you are livin’ in the metro Atlanta area, and want some tasty treats, let me know.  I can hook you up. 

Now, my other friend, Jennifer – this Jennifer – sent this link to me yesterday.  There is a blog totally dedicated to cakes gone bad….really bad.  It provided quite the entertainment for me yesterday.  I think you’ll find that it does the same for you.

Enjoy.  It’s worth the click.

Have you ever had a baking project go bad?


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2 responses to “Talk about taking the cake!

  1. Amanda Morgan

    Every time I enter the kitchen??

  2. Betsey

    Very timely, as in the fact that Lesley just finished taking a three-day cake decorating course at church. I’m amazed at what she can do in such a short time-leaves, roses, stars, piping, etc. That said, the cakes in those pics are…strange.

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