Two hearts are better than one?

Anna:  “I have two hearts.  God wivs in one.  And, Jesus wivs in the other one.”

We’ll fit the Holy Spirit in there on another day.  For now, I think she’s pretty much covered.

Sidebar:  When your three-year old yells from the bathroom, “Hey, Mom!  Watch this!”  Just go.  Right away.


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5 responses to “Two hearts are better than one?

  1. In talking with my then 3yo son, I asked him where the HS lived. He told me, “Across the road and down the street from God and Jesus”. ; )

  2. I was contemplating the trinity today and the difficulty in explaining it to young children (not to mention adults!). I’d say Anna is well on her way! Every night my kids thank our Father for “God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the Word, Amen”. I hope what you “watched in the bathroom” was good!

  3. Robin, that is classic.

    Kristin, you are right. Explaining it to an adult is difficult enough. Love that your kids know the Holy Spirit…or at least, to thank the Father for Him! As for Anna, well…..she is Anna. And, she lives in Annaville.

  4. I spoke on the Holy Spirit at Lifekids Camp last night… I had fun!

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