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Where is your heart?

This little man, dear friends.


Has quite the heart.  And, sometimes, he amazes me with the bits of wisdom that oozes out of his little spirit.  He must get it from his momma.  Or his daddy.  Or his other daddy. 

At the dinner table, John Henry asked, “It’s Jesus’ birthday.  We have to get Him a present.  But, He has everything.  What do we get Him?”

I responded, prepared to give him Mommy’s wisdom, “Do you know what Jesus wants more than anything?”

And, before I could answer my own question, John Henry said, “He wants our heart.”

I was going to answer with “love one another.”  He answered with the greatest commandment.

Our heart is where our treasure is.  It’s where we invest the most time and energy.  It’s where our first dollar goes.  It’s in our daily routine. 

There are times I am quite certain that Jesus has my whole heart.  Other times, I give Him just a wee bit, because I’m busy with less important things like my recent Twilight Saga addiction.  Which, of course, has been a catalyst for me asking Kris various questions about vampires, and Kris responding with “You do know that vampires aren’t real.”  Then, me assuring Kris that if he were a vampire, I would want him to bite me so we could be together forever. 

It’s all very sick.  I love it.

Back to you, God.

But, He wants my whole heart. 

More than anything.

 Jesus replied, “‘You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind.’  This is the first and greatest commandment.  Matthew 22:37-38



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Two hearts are better than one?

Anna:  “I have two hearts.  God wivs in one.  And, Jesus wivs in the other one.”

We’ll fit the Holy Spirit in there on another day.  For now, I think she’s pretty much covered.

Sidebar:  When your three-year old yells from the bathroom, “Hey, Mom!  Watch this!”  Just go.  Right away.


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