My Favorite Things – Your Favorite Things (1st Edition)

I’ve been intending on writing an occasional post of some of my favorite things and/or some of your favorite things; hence, the title.  I’m not sure how often I’ll run ‘em, so we’ll just play it by ear.  Okay?  Okay.

My good friend, Amy, e-mailed me one of her new favorite things. 

Amy writes:

I just tried Neutrogena Make-Up Remover Cleansing Towelettes and thought I’d died and went to heaven.  They take off all of your make-up in an amazing 60 seconds or less – even the water-proof mascara that I don’t wear but they claim it does.  I do believe it!  It took off all my make-up, saved my white wash cloth, and left my face smooth as a baby’s bottom with a hint of glisten.  I especially will be happy for this find on one of those late, miserable nights when you know the make-up needs to come off but it’s the last thing in the world you want to do.  You could wipe your face off on the way to bed.  I highly recommend this product and would hope someone would share the same with me if they find anything half as amazing!

No, no.  Neutrogena is not paying Amy to endorse their product.  But, they should.  After all, she is one of the beautiful people. 

Now, I realize this favorite thing comes of no help to you male-type readers.  But, you can pass this little bit of heaven onto your wife, girlfriend, momma or Aunt Clarissa (that is, if you have an Aunt Clarissa.)

As for me, I’ll be picking up my own Neutrogena towelettes today.  After all, if I can glisten like Amy, I am all over it.  Can I get an amen?  Yes, yes, I see that hand.

I promise to have a favorite thing for you handsome men next time.  Stay tuned.

Are you using a product you think we need to know about?  What about a fabulous recipe you are just dying to share – or cook in my kitchen?  Or, any other random things that are making your top ten list?

E-mail me your favorites at, and, let’s share them with the world!  Or at least with all ten of my readers.  Hallelujah.

Do you take your make-up off every night? 


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12 responses to “My Favorite Things – Your Favorite Things (1st Edition)

  1. Amanda Morgan

    Confessional… I do not take my make up off at night. I KNOW MOM! I really need to but I’m EXHAUSTED!! But I do use Noxema Daily Exfoliating Cleanser every morning in the shower and it is like my morning coffee. It scrubs off my make up and has eucalyptus oil to wake me up and I love it! It also makes my skin glisten. Because it does not remove all of my water proof mascara, I follow up with the neutrogena towlette when I get out and Voila! I’m super scrubbed!!

  2. Amanda, you were brave to confess. I usually take mine off at night. If I don’t the mascara tends to bother my eyes. And, I could never give up mascara. Ever.

  3. I remove my make up every night since my 37 year old skin still acts like it’s going to through puberty. Can’t wait for that new body in Heaven…

    I love the wet swiffer cloths – makes quick mopping, well…quick. AND I love the Magic Bullet. And bacon. I love bacon. Who doesn’t.?

  4. Judy

    Never have removed my makeup at night lol…that would be a scary sight…Blue Plate Mayo is one of my favorites…paid 4 dollars for it but found it at Wal-mart for 2 lol….Milky Ways yum…Crab legs yum…and my really close friends know my favorite entertainment…can’t list it…I would have to kill ya

  5. JOY

    Yes!!! I take my makeup off every night. If i didn’t I would be one big And they say removing your makeup at night slows down the wrinkles that we get with our old age. I think this is a great blog. I will try everything!!!

    If Oprah can do her favorite things then so can You can title it DUSTY’S FAVORITE THINGS!!!

    Darn, I just got back from buying my weekly groceries so now I’ll have to go back and get these to try. Can’t wait to try them!!! Thanks for the great info

  6. Michelle

    OK, so I can’t say that I’ve tried these Nutrogena wipes, but I have used the ones from Mac & LOVE them! But I only use them like on vacations. I wash every night before bed, but always use Arbonne products at home. I’m convinced that if I use these “natural” products that I’ll keep this young skin forever! It’s a dream…and i sure do like dreaming! Besides, if we don’t dream then what are we livin’ for?

    Keep up the blogs Dusty!

  7. Well, never have been a tanning person, so, that helps not to wrinkle. But Tracy is my Mary Kaye lady, keeps me supplied w/microdermabrasion, & replenisher, age-fighting eye cream. I am a firm believer in moisturizers, everywhere! I love the body lotion, Pear Glace’, by Victoria Secret, like I said, i get these as gifts for special occasions. Blessed, I know!
    My favorite thing to do to pamper, but torture myself, lol, is pedicure, & eye brow wax.
    Tasty foods are swedish meatballs, rice a roni -beef flavored, follow directions…..tasty! mmmm! My kids loved it growing up! lol

  8. Y’all probably don’t need this kind of moisturizing but up here in Canada … whoa! Dr. Denese (probably on your QVC) sells a face “oil” that doesn’t leave a trace of oil, doesn’t clog pores and leaves your skins feeling like it was just made. It’s called Hydro Shield Moisturizing Face Serum. Did I mention that my fine wrinkles have all but disappeared! 🙂

  9. Amanda Morgan

    Oh! I remembered one more thing… Rocket Grill. It’s about $50 bucks at Walmart made by Sunbeam and you can put chicken breasts (fresh or frozen) and have them grilled to perfection in about 7 minutes. Juicy and no mess to clean up afterwards. You can also do steaks, pork chops, really anything you put on your outdoor grill you can put in the Rocket Grill. It comes with everything you need. The downfall is you can only do about two breasts at at time and if you marinate (like we do) you still need to do the 30-minute marinate prep time. But if it’s just yourself or you and hubby, it’s a perfect quick fix. You can do your minute rice, throw in your chicken and voila! Dinner is ready in 5. Love it! The best part is no mess afterwards like you have with the George Foreman grill.

  10. marla

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Burt’s Bee’s Champagne lip shimmer stick. It just adds a little sheer shimmer to your lips, kind of a sun kissed look. It also has a slight cooling tingle to it that goes away after a few minutes.
    If I were going to be stranded on an island it would definitely be one of the top three things I would want to have with me. (hmmmm…not sure what the other two things would be!) I can usually find it in any drug store or Ingles supermarket that has Burt’s Bee’s stuff. Don’t get the dark shades… not too pretty. Get the Champagne shade and you’ll look gorgeous!
    I also love mexican food. I suggest that you try adding fajita seasoned mushrooms to your chicken nachos. They always look at me and make me repeat it to make sure they heard me right but it is sooooo good!!

    Oh and I love frozen beverages and I wish someone would invent a margarita or strawberry daquiri push-up popsicle. Is that possible?! Would they actually freeze with the liquor in them? I don’t know… someone market that and give me a little kick back on that idea. haha

  11. HEY DURSTEE. estee lauder 15 hour mascara doesnt come off til you take it off. NO racoon eyes at the end of the day. great stuff.

    ALSO, nuetragena sunscreen with helioplex. the past couple of summers after a week at the beach i looked like i aged 10 years in a week. THIS sunscreen allows you to tan and spares you the leathered look. i use spf 30 and still tan.

    dusty do a share a diet and exerc ise tip or something like that.

  12. Dusty Takle

    The comment above is Shari Lynn, not me. Don’t ask. She knows not what she does on the world wide web.

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