She said it. She really said it.

Nothing like those little girls.  Since John Henry has been in big kid school, Anna and I have been getting a lot of alone time together.  It’s always an adventure with some precious moments mingled in there.  Here is a recent dialogue:

Anna (Unprompted, I must add):  “I love you, Mom.  You’re so pretty.”

I know, I know.  Could it get any sweeter? 

Me:  “Thank you!  Thank you, Anna!”

I’ve apparently come a long way since being called “a monster.”  Of course tomorrow morning, I could very well be the antichrist.

She started Pre-K on Monday.  I picked out the cutest first day dress.  Now, I will only imagine how cute she might have looked, because she had other ideas.

Nothing like a Tinkerbell tee to accent an aqua skirt.  If only she could have look excited about her first day.

Her preschool teacher told me that she didn’t know our family had a pink pig that eats cat food.  “I’m excited about the stories she will tell”, her teacher said. 

Um.  Me, too.

Anna also just started gymnastics yesterday.  Since she first learned that she would begin training for the 2020 Summer Olympics, she has been begging every day, “Please, take me to gymnastics!”  Some things are better left told on the day of the event.  One would think I would have already learned this one.

She was all too excited about her fancy schmancy leotard.

“It sparkles!” she proclaimed to everyone who saw her.

She did love gymnastics.  She was so confident in her tumbling abilities at one point that she left her group and made herself at home on the uneven bars and later the tumbling mat.  I was so very proud – even if she had to be gently guided back to her group.

I love her confidence.  It’s my job to help her channel that confidence into who she is in Christ.  Then, there is no doubt that she can do anything. 

Nor is there any doubt that you and I can do anything.

For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.  Philippians 4:13

Do you ever forget who you are in Christ?  I sure do.



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9 responses to “She said it. She really said it.

  1. Tinkerbell and aqua? Well, why not! I love that fearless attitude that Anna seems to have. May she never lose her unique self to conformity. And, may leotards always sparkle!

  2. Bonnie

    Love, love, LOVE her!!!

  3. Ha ha ha ha ha! Look how straight Anna stands! Adorable, sweet blog!

  4. Judy


  5. Debbie, fearless she is!

    Bonnie, I’m so glad you do. I love, love, LOVE her, too!!

    Lynn, Anna doesn’t play around when I pull out the camera.

    Judy, awwww, thanks.


    Dust, thanks for sharing each day. Linda and I have talked a lot recently about who we are in Christ. (Linda talking, me listening!!!!) It really is hard to understand fully how much Christ loves us, and how much he really wants us to love him and live a full life in him. Anyway, you got to me today, and I just had to tell you how much we love you.

  7. Judy

    I loveeeee the way Anna is standing…the girl is ready…i think she has been paying attention to the olympics….Who knows….don’t forget to DREAM BIG….

  8. Gayla

    I just told Sam today…..”isn’t it great that you can do & be anything that you want to when you grow up?” …even an olympician….I love for my kids to dream BIG !!!

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