Doubting Dusty

“I will lead the blind by ways they have not known, along unfamiliar paths I will guide them; I will turn the darkness into light before them and make the rough places smooth. These are the things I will do; I will not forsake them.”
Isaiah 42:16

I read this scripture yesterday.  I re-read it.  I read it again.  And again.  Just to make sure I believed it.

I really have no reason to not believe that God makes the rough places smooth.  That He never leaves us or forsakes us.  I’ve never experienced His abandonment in all my thirty-four years.

Still, I go through times where I have to say, “Lord, help me with my unbelief.” 

I stand.  I wait.  I trust.  Then, He takes too long. 

But, His timing is perfect.  And, in the meantime, when it seems the things around you are slowly crumbling, know that He holds all things together. 

So, when in doubt, read His word.  Re-read it.  Read it again.  And again.

He makes good on His promises.  And, He will never leave us.  As a matter of fact, He will never give up on us either.  I must wear Him out.

Except, He probably doesn’t get tired.  That IS scripture.  Right, Dad?


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8 responses to “Doubting Dusty

  1. We referenced this verse in our study of John last week…it moved me. Going through the study has not been an emotional experience for me, just one of learning how to study and really enjoying John’s perspective and what John felt was important in understand who God is. However when we looked at this verse, and it is referenced in John, it says to me:”I love you so much, I will make a way for you to intercede with me and have a relationship, I know you are blind, and have no understanding of Who I Am, but I will still do this for you.” I absolutely cannot imagine going through the “rough places” that I have had in life, without God leading me and “making them smooth”. And I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that the God of the Universe, the Creator, is the lover of my soul, that in my huge ignorance and blindness He still wants to level the road for me, and give me sight!

  2. Dusty Takle

    Wow, Caroline. You should have written this one! We are blind so often to Who He Is. I can never say enough how truly good God is.

  3. Judy

    “These are the things I will do;” …I have the hardest time letting Him do the repairs in my darkness and rough spots…butttttttt….when I finalllllllly surrender all my ideas and solutions, He does an amazing repair job…you said He takes too long….in my life, I TAKE TOO LONG giving things to Him to fix…WHEN WILL I LEARN?????

  4. Amanda Morgan

    I love this scripture. During the hard times and the rough spots is when I fins myself absolutely throwing myself at His feet. If I could always let myself go to Him through the good times as I do during the bad, I wonder how much stronger of a christian would I be? Praise Him for not forsaking me because I would have and actually have given up on myself so many times. Praise Him for the bad times because He makes me so much stronger in His love and His devotion to me as I see what He does for my life and the blessings that comes from the rough times.

  5. Ron Jon

    What a verse. Between this verse and Mike’s blog on Tuesday (Is. 43:19) re: God doing a new thing….. Wow. It’s amazing what happens when we relinquish what we’ve called truth. I don’t want my version of truth…I want His. Be prepared…He will honor the request. When a snake sheds it’s skin, it is at its most vulnerable place because the skin over its eyes also sheds, leaving it with blurred vision… But it must happen to grow.
    I feel blind. Talk about darkness……wondering if I’m even close to being where God wants me or am I making all this up. Then I remember – Cast (violently throw, heave with great force) all your cares on Him because He cares for you. I will lead them by ways they have not known…I will be a light in the darkness… You are right in the palm of God’s hand (B.G.), 40% of what we worry about never happens and 30% is of the past (Bur)….
    So…let ‘my’ truth fall away, I’ll put up with the fear – feeling emotionally exposed and vulnerable for a season, until I read my friends’ blog’s….and then I’ll remember – I have Loved you with a Great Love and I’ll never leave you.

  6. Dusty Takle

    Ron Jon, no one can say your heart is not pure. It’s about as good as they come.

  7. I’m pretty sure you’re his fave, Dusty.

  8. Des

    This post is kind of like a paraphrase of the Psalms. Nice to know you’re in like minded company with a guy who had God’s heart.

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