These Stones.

When Joshua led the Israelites into Canaan, they crossed the Jordan River.  God backed up the river all the way to a town called Adam, allowing them to enter into their promised land.  After they had all crossed, the Lord spoke to Joshua about the stones in the place where the priests were standing in the middle of the Jordan. 

4 So Joshua called together the twelve men he had chosen—one from each of the tribes of Israel.  5 He told them, “Go into the middle of the Jordan, in front of the Ark of the Lord your God.  Each of you must pick up one stone and carry it out on your shoulder—twelve stones in all, one for each of the twelve tribes of Israel.  6 We will use these stones to build a memorial. In the future your children will ask you, ‘What do these stones mean?’  7 Then you can tell them, ‘They remind us that the Jordan River stopped flowing when the Ark of the Lord’s Covenant went across.’  These stones will stand as a memorial among the people of Israel forever.”  Joshua 4:4-7

God wanted the Israelites to remember where they had been and where He had brought them.  Something so significant in this story is the Jordan River had been backed up to a town called Adam.  What do you think of when you hear the name Adam?  Beginning?  Everything that had happened from Adam until then was cut off.  And, God had made everything brand new.

I have stones in my own life.  They represent what I’ve gone through.  They represent that what was meant for harm has turned out for good.  They remind me of His faithfulness. 

I bet you have stones in your own life.  I bet you have crossed your own Jordan.  You may be crossing one right now.  But rest assured.  You will make it across.  And, God will back up that river all the way to your Adam, and make all things new. 

One day, when my children ask me how I endured my own difficult times and crossed my own Jordans, I will show them my stones.  And, they will know how great and mighty He is.

Do you have stones that remind of you how God made something good out of your mess?

Are you crossing a Jordan right now?




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7 responses to “These Stones.

  1. Oh, the stones. I have the stones. They are in plain sight every single day. I’m reminded of His faithfulness and ability to restore things that once seemed dead. Oh, the stones I have.

    Beautiful post, DT.

  2. Dusty, that was really significant in my life to remind me of God’s faithfulness, as I pray & believe for others and go through trials in my life
    it helps me stay focused. Yes, I do have stones that remind me, and when fear comes in trying to threaten my peace, God shows me someway to trust Him, sometimes it is an email, phone call, or the written word, or a card I send to someone, I will write down a scripture for the person, that LEAPS off the page for me too! God loves us and wants us to use those stones as stepping stones but sometimes, we have fear get in the way, and we pray a silent prayer, peace comes back as we get closer to Him. Then, we trust God for whatever it is we need! God is patient, knows us, in our weaknesses He makes us strong, to prove we need Him. Great blog Dusty!!!

  3. manymeadows

    Great post, Dusty. I find new Jordans to cross all the time…..and I love having stones of remembrance. Some of them are a little painful, but they were all used for good, even though it seemed impossible at the time.

    Thanks for reminding us to keep them before us daily as a testimony of HIS greatness!!

  4. Judy

    Do I evehhhhhhhh have memory stones….I guess I could walk right across the Atlantic….God amazesssss me

  5. Brenda

    I hope it is atleast the middle of “My Jordan”. AND I know His Faithfulness is the ONLY thing that gets anyboby through. And am glad to say it is ALL in HIS hands and His Will will be done and I will be more than ready to pick up the Stones when He is ready for me to! You have been a great inspiration. Keep up the good work!

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