Anybody up for slaughterin’ a pig or something?

I consider myself a Southern girl but certainly not country.  Yet, when I replay conversations in my mind, I realize just how wrong I am.

A recent conversation with The Ex:

Me:  Are you ready for Christmas?”

The Ex:  “Yes.  I’ve purchased John Henry’s gift, and I even bought myself a shotgun.”

Me:  “Wow.”

{And, then I said it.}

Me:  “You oughta come down to the farm sometime and shoot.”

I know.  Right?  That’s just embarrassing y’all.

Do you ever surprise yourself with the things you say?


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7 responses to “Anybody up for slaughterin’ a pig or something?

  1. manymeadows

    Yeah…and the older I get, the worse it gets! haha Keep bein’ you, Dusty. I like it! 🙂

  2. Benita Jarrell Jones

    I do not remember the whole conversation but once I said something about “sitting out by the bug light.” My sister starts laughing histerically, and I am wondering why, she says, ” most people sit on the patio, or outside by the pool, maybe even on the porch, but you just said you were sitting out by the bug light.

  3. Christie

    weird stuff comes out of this mouth all the time.
    And Benita… that bug light gives off a pretty glow..i’m sure 😉

  4. I kind of think that is amusing. Being a california girl and all! LOL

  5. Kevin

    My daughter Sharon used to say “allyaall”, thats all-ya-all. Now that she is all grown up and proper, we remind her of that every chance we can. Oh, the bug light is a great conversation starter…..ZAP, oh there goes one, and every once in a while you get…ZZZZZZAAAAAPPPPPP! Now that was a really BIG one…..=)

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