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Lucy, you got some ‘splainin’ to do!

John Henry overheard me say, “When I was married to Bryan” to my mom.  The rest went something like this.

John Henry:  “You weren’t married to Daddy Bryan!  You’re married to Daddy Kris!”

Me:  “I was married to your Daddy Bryan.”

John Henry:  “No, you weren’t.”

Me:  “Yes, I was.  For five years!  That’s how you came along.”

John Henry:  (Laughing with disbelief) No you weren’t.

Me:  (Laughing, too) Okay.

Another day. 

Good times.


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Anybody up for slaughterin’ a pig or something?

I consider myself a Southern girl but certainly not country.  Yet, when I replay conversations in my mind, I realize just how wrong I am.

A recent conversation with The Ex:

Me:  Are you ready for Christmas?”

The Ex:  “Yes.  I’ve purchased John Henry’s gift, and I even bought myself a shotgun.”

Me:  “Wow.”

{And, then I said it.}

Me:  “You oughta come down to the farm sometime and shoot.”

I know.  Right?  That’s just embarrassing y’all.

Do you ever surprise yourself with the things you say?


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Love and Marriage.


Kris and I recently had one of those sit down, let’s talk about our relationship talks.  No need to go tellin’ tales out of school.  We are doing just fine.  We’ve just let a few of those important marital-like things fall to the bottom of the list.  And, no.  I’m not talking ‘bout sex.  I am talking about those moments where you shut down computers, cell phones, and children and just enjoy each other.  You know.  Connect. 

It’s so easy to let life go by and time pass in a marriage and not have conversations with your spouse that make you pull in the reins, breathe deep, and take care of the things that really matter.  Each other. 

Monday night, we had a little date night.  We ate sushi and didn’t even talk about airplanes or children or if my jeans made my hiney look big.  ‘Cause y’all know he is going to mess that one up, albeit unintentional.  Then, we laughed together through Four Christmases. 

It’s funny.  That little conversation gave our marriage a lift.  We immediately returned to taking the time to connect.  Kris is good with those conversations.  He is just as comfortable sharing his heart with me as he is in a cockpit.  I love that about him.  He takes good care of us.

Hmmm.  What’s a good scripture to put here?  Oh, I know.  “He who finds a wife, finds what is good,” (Proverbs 18:22.)  Tee-hee.  I’m just funnin’.  Okay, not really.  But, let’s make this fair.

Oh, never mind, I can’t find a scripture I like.  Wait.  That didn’t come out right. 

I’ll just end the way my daddy has concluded every wedding ceremony for the past thirty plus years.

 “Let not your voices lose the tender tones of affection, nor your eyes forget the tender ray with which they shown in courtship’s day.  And, greatest of all, let God be enthroned above all else at all times.”

What do you and your spouse do to connect? 

* Keep it clean.  This is a family blog.  Most days.


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