And, if I see a set of scales, I’m gonna holler.

Back home.  And, what’s done is done.  The display I put on last week in the Peach State – then on a getaway to Amelia Island – is somewhat regrettable.  I don’t even want to see the numbers.  There is simply no sense in weighing myself until I fast all things edible for the next twenty-one days.  At least.  More to come on the Amelia Island getaway tomorrow. 

I’ve received numerous e-mails – okay, two – requesting a posting on Bigmama’s thoughts.  I always love coming home and visiting my almost 90 year old grandmother.  Her words of wisdom are, well, they’re enlightening.  I recorded a few of her comments the first day of my visit.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


Upon complaining to Bigmama about the weather, she told me to “Hush.  This is God’s weather!”  So, I did.

When watching TLC’s “What Not to Wear,” Bigmama responded in defiance, “I’m gonna wear what I got!”

On the Playtex bra commercial:  “They used to not show stuff like that.”

Parenting advice from Bigmama:  “Don’t yell at your kids.  It makes ‘em mad.”

After looking at my iPhone:  “Show me how to press buttons on that thing.”

When learning how much the iPhone cost:  “That’s not so bad if it’ll do all that.”

I have to agree with Bigmama.  I can also appreciate that a woman who won’t buy canned salmon unless it’s on sale could actually justify buying an iPhone.   She is a woman who surely knows how to prioritize her life. 






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7 responses to “And, if I see a set of scales, I’m gonna holler.

  1. Judy

    ooooooooooo but everyone needs to taste those salmon patties….lol…and because I KNOW Bigmama, I can hear her saying all that…seems like Bigmama is due an iphone for Mother’s Day lol…glad you are back girlie…now my day starts off the way I like it!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wendy Verdon

    Welcome back Dustie! We missed your blogs and words of wisdom.

  3. BigMama you are quite a woman. I hope you do get her an iphone Dusty. I bet she would have all kinds of things to say about that!!

    Dont get on the scale and don’t diet either. Blech. Last week was fun and I am glad you indulged!!!!

  4. Vickie

    I’m sooo glad you’re back. I need my daily “fix” of Dusty wisdom!

  5. Kevin

    BigMama needs a blog……

  6. Brenda

    I agree with Kevin…get Big Mamma a blog!

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