If You Look Up Mercy, You Might Find His Picture.


A few quotables from my dad I try to live by:

1) Nothing good happens after at midnight.  Wherever you’re going to be, be there by then.

2) Vengeance belongs to God.  Not me.

3) His mercies are new every morning.  So should ours be for others.

4) Never let her cut grass.  Well, that’s what he told Kris when he asked for my hand in marriage. I remind Kris of this. J

5) Everything is going to be okay.

Happy Birthday, Dad.  We love you big. 

And, so do John Henry and Anna:


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14 responses to “If You Look Up Mercy, You Might Find His Picture.

  1. Falon

    awww your pops is adorable! Happy Birthday Buren.

  2. Bonnie

    Sooooo true!!! That’s my favorite thing about Buren. Well, of course, our mini concerts that we put on were always fun, too!!! Happy Birthday!!!

  3. Kevin

    Another quote I remember:

    I never meet a mean person! But I’ve meet people that are hurting.

    What a GREAT man!

    Miss him, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    Kris is a blessed man indeed!

  4. Betsey

    “Nothing good happens after midnight.” Have quoted that one many, many times.

    Let’s not forget: (paraphrased): “Things will take longer than you think, cost more than you think, and ???” Can’t remember the rest, but the first two are true, for ‘sho!

    “Everything will be alright.”

    Your dad is a good man. Happy Birthday, Buren!

  5. Judy

    EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OKAY….wellllll you could say that is why I am alive today!….and don’t think I don’t use it lol…oh and I do miss the concerts or were they productions…”Wherrrrre yoooou beeeeen”…of course only a chosen few can recall that one….and o the times all my wooden spoons in my kitchen were microphones for you and your dad and Bonnie…AND OF COURSE I WOULD FINALLY JUMP IN LOL….HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUREN!

  6. Vickie

    Dusty, loved the video. Anna and JH are getting so big … and JH’s new haircut – love it! Buren – greetings and happy birthday all the way from Kentucky! Could you ask for a better bday gift than that daughter of yours and those precious grandchildren?! And, believe me, I count on #5 on that list (along with a few other quotes of yours that Dusty has shared along the way)!

  7. Dusty Takle

    Betsey, the other one is “get messier than you think.”

    Bonnie & Judy, those concerts were good times! I miss seeing Boo & Dad perform together!

    Vickie, you CAN count on #5!! Love you!

  8. Precious Grandchildren!! Loved the blog Dusty! We are also proud of your Dad, Happy birthday to him! He is such a testimony of God’s goodness, that persevering spirit of his, the faithfulness he shows, the timely messages each week. What a man of faith!! I am blessed each week, gleening from this man of God! Man of mercy, yes, the love that is in his heart, covers us, with that Pastors heart of Gold! Loved the “His mercies are new every morning, so, we should show mercy to others”!
    The best!

  9. Kate

    Dusty, Your dad is a wonderful man!!! Happy Birthday, Papa Bur!

  10. The measure of a man is the sphere of influence he gathers through daily living. Buren never drifts from the things that make him outsanding. He has made peoples lives a little better due to his kindess and mercy. I am always proud to call him my friend! Happy Birthday John!

  11. Mom

    Dusty, you are so right on..Your Dad is the personification of Mercy! Happy Birthday Buren!

  12. Brenda

    Happy Birthday, Bur! And I am hanging on to the “Everything will be okay”! But it is taking longer, costing more, and getting messier!

  13. Des

    These could be chapters in a book. Just sayin.

  14. Gailynn

    Since I am late of course my ideas have been shared – but – here goes. Nothing good after midnight… I have heard that my whole life and used it on my own children. My favorite of his that I often remind myself is, “Never met a mean person, only someone that has been hurt.” Buren, I get to use it almost every day as a nurse. Thank you!! Hope your day was WONDERFUL!! You are a special person. G

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