The NAV Bible (New Anna Version)


Last week, Anna got into trouble at Pre-School.  When I found out about it, I let her know that she was in trouble, and I would have to tell her dad about it.  John Henry, self-appointed Sheriff of Moral Order, also got involved.  Here is how the conversation went.

Me:  Anna, I’m going to talk to your dad when we get home.  This is unacceptable.

Anna: (Crying) NO!  Don’t tell Daddy!  Don’t tell Daddy!

Me:  Anna, I can’t keep this from your Daddy.

John Henry:  Anna, the Bible says we should not keep secrets from one another.  [A bit of a stretch on the truth shall set you free.]

Anna:  (Sobbing) Well, my Bible says different things!

I could not help but laugh.  Her Bible says different things.  Oh, how we all, at some point in life, pretend our Bible says something different.

Her quick wit didn’t save her from being disciplined. 

But, it almost did.

Have you ever been unable to discipline your child because of his or her wit?  I bet you have!


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9 responses to “The NAV Bible (New Anna Version)

  1. Wendy Verdon

    That is too funny! I know I have laughed at mine sometimes and was not able to be serious enough to punish her! When Kelci was smaller she would make up her own language and even now if she says something that is not right, I correct her and she says, “Well, it is in MY world! Too funny. That little Anna is precious.

  2. Gailynn

    Abbi came home from kindergarden in a homemade penquin costume – Sharon her big sister was in charge that afternoon. Abbi had a bad day at school and Sharon forgot to remove the ever so adorable penquin costume before beginning to scold her. The report goes that when Sharon began to scold, the head dropped and the tears started and she just looked so darn cute that the punishment was over. Life lesson learned by the big sister. Remove as much cuteness as possible before discipline begins.

  3. Adorable.

    We taught Noah about grace when he was 3. He was supposed to get a spanking for lying but his Dad explained grace to him instead. He was elated that he “didn’t get what he deserved”. A few weeks later, he lied again. As I was about to spank him he said, “Can I please have some grace, Mommy?”

    Too cute.

  4. Oh my. That is adorable.

  5. Judy

    We are laughing so hard….I think Anna just helped Delbert with a sermon….she is the cutest and a very quick thinker

  6. Love the picture, story of Anna & JH. Love it! I think back in the Art Linkladder days, and Bill Cosby, he knew they were smart, made a killing on those shows. That Anna is a mess! lol…got to love her! Got to!

  7. Brenda

    When Ryan stole Bryan’s sucker as toddlers, Bryan said, “The Bible says “Thou shall not steal your brother’s sucker”, Now,gimma my sucker back” and the scuffle started! lol

  8. Audra Smalley

    I am always waiting to see what Hulk comes up with next! She keeps me on my toes!!

  9. Susan Elliott-Kinsey

    When Logan was little, he hated art at school. He came home from kindergarten with a note one day that his teacher needed to talk to me the next morning. I went in cautiously the next morning wondering what was going on. Mrs. Paula came over with a stern look on her face (just for Logan) and Logan’s art project in her hand. It was this oddly shaped paper plate with all kinds of attachments jutting out of it. I must say it was one of the ugliest things I’ve ever seen, but, hey, art is very subjective. I asked what it was and Mrs. Paula explained to me that it was supposed to be a cat. The plate was supposed to be a body and those weirdly attached things were supposed to be arms, legs and a tail. Since Logan hated art (and still does btw) he randomly attached anything he could find to the paper plate. When Mrs. Paula explained that he was going to get an F for his lack of effort, he explained with great drama, that his cat had gotten stuck in the dryer and that’s just what he looked like when he staggered out. Needless to say, he got an A. For creativity…lol!

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